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Selling Stance Mods And Blueprints (¡offer!)

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Hello, My Tenno Friends :3 I Want To Sell you Some Items.... Low Prices!



First Blueprints:


Bronco Prime (Blueprint): 20 Platinum.


Two Receiver Bronco Prime: 10 Platinum (Each One)


Ak Bronco Prime (Blueprint): 40 Platinum.


Lex Prime (Blueprint): 25 Platinum.


Rhino Prime Systems (x 3) 10 Platinum (Each One)




Stance Mods:


Burning Wasp (x 3): 15 Platinum (Each One)


Clashing Forest: 15 Platinum.


Gnashing Payara (RARE): 50 Platinum.


Reaping Spiral (x 6) 15 Platinum (Each One)


Well That is All..!


Be the first! on getting these mods / blueprints! 


PD: Contact: Private Message Or Add Me In The Game! ;)


Bye, bye! :3

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