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My Solution About Trinity And Her Blessing. Make Trinity Truly Team Warframe


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I dont use trinity but i am always against complete removal or  total change of some abbilities because users themselfs.


So i come up with someting that may sound  like good compromise and not so easy mode.


Trinity is team warframe right, blessing affects every member of the team, but what is the main gripe about blessing trinity does everyting by herself.


That is no team, that is 1 individual sharing her powers with others.

But what if we keep trinity blessing with same duration, and protection, but with this cost.


When trinity activates blessing she can only have 25% dmg reduction per member, of  the team while draining  1 part  of their energy needed for blessing, and draining energy from her own energy pool too (Energy drain is per second of duration of blessing)


Do you see what i mean, that means trinity would actualy need the complete team too unite  and keep blessing at its best.


Also link and energy vampire cant be casted during the duration of blessing (Debatable)


Tell me what you think?


Basicly even with best energy builds team would need too stick together, and act carefully because if 1 of member team gets knocked down team would need too sacrfice energy for their own abbilities more.


Same goes if member of the team gets into discruptor, or magnetic leader.


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