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The Dojo Duel Room And Devstream 27 New Players/tactics


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It was mentioned you are working on helping new players to get in the game.

Just recently a friend joined the clan but had no interest to play through the tutorial as he wanted to come along with the rest of the clan. He skipped it as a matter of fact.

The Duel Room is a good place to teach combat - i hope you don´t forget that DE. (Only not at the moment - oh, i tried - it was just awful )
Although including your statement about tactics. I need a place to train my people in combat !

Something that is fun to do ! Just hacking away is not teaching. Demonstration abilities where i can talk to my clan members while i fight one of them.

Don´t forget this room exists with all it´s bugs.

New players that come into my clan will skip the tutorial because they want to play with US and not alone.

Keep this in mind.


And for solo players that just start - maybe the ability a veteran can join the tutorial mission ?


Better, that the tutorial can be used for advanced clan combat training as well to slay 2 things in one go ?

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