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Some Missions Unbeatable


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Sometimes missions become unbeatable as sometimes doors do not open or they open half way. this happens to everyone in game.  Have to alt f4 and keep trying until it works 


made a url link as embedding a image did not work


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had same problem one game, one of our team mates died and nobody revived him cause we were all finding some alternate way to get through then he realised he could go through the door but by then there were no enemies anymore to kill us and we didn't have self inflicting weapons. Anyway, one of the guys left and we told the guy who could go make it through the door to go to extract but then that wouldn't trigger the countdown since more than half were alive so we found arc traps to kill us then we got to extract. 


So maybe you die then revive and you'll be able to go through door.

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thing is I do not have nova and its a big problem this has happened to me also on a void run it was actually the first door to get to the enemies it would not open so we was basically trapped at spawn. To be honest I think it is a lag issue or something this is the only bug that I have found since my 68 hours of game time

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Full team got trapped in the void - AI was blocking the door. Happens from time to time.


Lag can although cause doors opening to slow (in which they remain closed). Nova´s teleport does not work with all doors.


How much i would love to teleport around with nova - teleport, teleport , teleport ... ahm anyway


You need to be lucky to move on.

Else - quit. Restart - new luck.

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