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Warframe Specific Sprint Animations.


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Hmm... I've been wanting to suggest this for awhile like since a year ago.

This could be kinda unnecessary but it would help the frames have more personality.

NOTE: These would be just aesthetic and will not change gameplay. AND COULD ALSO BE OPTIONAL

For example:

ASH: His sprint animation would be like a ninja E.G. Body forward, hands extended to back.

LOKI: He would leave bits of decoys when sprinting with the normal animation.

FROST: Instead of Sprinting, he summons waves of ice and slides on it E.G. Iceman style.

EMBER: Instead of Sprinting, she propels herself with flames emerging from her hands or feet.

VOLT: His sprint animation would consist of the normal sprint with electric bits on his foot.

RHINO: Would consist of full head charge animation.

VAUBAN: Roller Skates. Nuff said.

Nyx: Le-le-levitaion

Banshee: Squeaky Shoes

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While it would give them more thematic personality, it just sounds so... tacky? to me.


I dunno, it makes the Tenno more like some comic superhero from the eighties.


I appreciate the feed back.


Well I didn't think of that LOL.


Well it would be awesome if it was optional. *edits the post*

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omg, naruto fanboy who thinks he knows what is a ninja

if that post was to me than here's my response: I don't watch Naruto due to no dub versions being available on Hulu. I'll show you a video showing what a true ninja is.

EDIT: don't know of the video works, I'm on my phone right now so I can't check

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ah not at all, it was for the author of the topic. I agree with you

Well, i'm sorry, i shouldn't have said "true" ninja. I should have said more stereotypical ninja run in pop-culture. I really am sorry.

And no, I haven't watched naruto.

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