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Meele Bug


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I don't know if there are others having this bug but since the last Update (25/26 th April) I can only use my Meele waepon while it's not equiped. So if I don't hold E i can use it just fine. But if i try to equip it i can just channel and block but attacking is not possible.


Like i said  i don't know if it's a common problem but i would really appreciate some help.


Thank you :)



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That's not a bug, there are now two different options for melee attacks while haveing the weapon NOT equipped and for attacking while you HAVE your melee equiped. Look it up in your key binding settings.

...except that you can't configure what button to use for the melee attack. (it's not listed!) It only exists if you use the default controls. Also, for some reason my "ability 4" binding (left D-pad) is functioning as a melee equip toggle. Something is not quite right in the controller configuration since that update.

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