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Tenshi, The Emperor (Faction/event/warframe)


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Samurais have always hated the ninjas, or maybe not. But they were always compared as opposites.



Risen from the fallen, the Emperor comes back from his long sleep to reclaim the land in the name of the Tenno. But, his illegal ways are frowned upon by a lot of us. He rules with an iron fist, only caring about his people and their prosperity. So, Tenno, will you join him, or will you stay with I, the Lotus, the one who creates balance?


Faction: The Imperial Forces. These forces do not include 'cannon fodders', only special units all hard to kill (like only Grineer Elite Lancers and higher if it was the Grineer)


1. Imperial Guards: Armored and armed with dual Tantos. They have a chance to block (but not reflect) at mid/long range. Can parry your blows too. 

2. Imperial Soldiers: Armed with Braton and an Strun for close combat, they are versatile but quite easier to kill than other units.

3. Snipers of the Will: Hidden as containers, these men and women uses stolen sniping weapons from other factions including Lanka and Vectis.

4. Sleeper Agents: They are the suicidal units of Tenshi. They may look like Tenno, but have differences (they will look like one of your team mates except maybe one minor color or a missing syanda). When they appear, friendly fire is enabled (you can kill each other, and the name tag will be gone). Choose the correct one and kill them, before they get too close, because then, they will do  a crap lot of dmg. The Lotus will notify you when double agents come.

5. Imperial Captains: Every ally close to them will gain dmg boost and armor boost.

6. Samurais of the Way: Heavily armored and slow, they wield the Galatine in an expertly way. 

7 - 9, I have no clue. Please suggest!

10. Dragon Guardians: Elite of the elite, these men are heavily armored and shielded. They are armed with dual boar primes and will instantly (or almost) kill you if you get too close (about mid range). Also, somehow, they have a 35% chance to block and reflect using their dual weapon at long range. For extreme close combat, they have an orthos. 

11. Imperial Tenno: When one mission is getting on its way by the Lotus on Emperor territory, the Tenno on Tenshi's side can go on that mission to try to defeat the other Tenno. Of course, the conclave points will be used for balance.


If you join them, you also get another research and mod building (because you cant kill your own people to get their mods) centers like in clans.



An event will introduce him, one that is split into 3 steps.

1. Tenno have splintered into forces. The ones that will help the reawakening of the Emperor, or the ones that will stop him. Both their awards for helping them will be the same, except rarely, the emperor will double the exp and credits gained during his missions. Or even maybe the award (double catalysts!).

2. He has awakened. All border planets will get invaded by him. His awards against any other faction will be better 75% of the time.

3. The choice. The ones who join him and receive missions from him, or the ones that will stay with the Lotus. Emperor Tenshi has better rewards for missions when he owns more land, while the Lotus gives always a certain amount of rewards.



Based off the suit the Emperor wears, it is able to summon and control friendly units.


Name: Shogun


Stats: Heavy armor, but medium everything else.

Polarites: 4 scratch, 2 tactic and tactic polarity



Direct Command (5 energy or something really low):

All friendly unit, excluding Tenno, targets that one person or follows and protect that one person. If an order has already been given, this overrides it. If the target is nothing, all orders are deleted (deleting doesnt take energy).


Engaging Speech (25 energy):

All friendly units excluding Tenno levels themselves up to targeted enemie's level minus 10. Has 3% chance (increased by ability and mod level) of converting enemies in a radius. 


Reinforcements (75 energy):

Summons a certain number of random units (the amount of units are smaller than Nekro's. These units are all from the Emperor's faction.


HQ (100 energy):

Creates a building that has a certain number of health that can spawn units.


Suggestions and criticism welcome, except ones that just say 'you suck'.

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