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Mimas (Saturn) Rescue pathing bug.


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During the Mimas rescue mission, I released the prisoner from his cell (the last cell on the upper right as you enter the room). He came out of the cell fine, started following me and then when I combat rolled (tapped shift) to avoid an enemy that had come up the steps, the prisoner sped up in an attempt to follow me and glitched into a 2x2 cube of barrels that was sitting on top the platform. I was unable to extricate the prisoner, though as long as I killed all the enemies in the room he was stuck in, he didn't seem to care. I didn't run into any lockouts on the way out of the mission, so I was able to get back to my ship and the mission completed successfully. I am unsure if there are any flags set to only activate if the guy you're escorting is with you, but if I had run into any I would have been boned.

Since distance doesn't seem to be of any immediate concern in a combat situation or from a mission sense, it might be better off to just have the prisoners take a somewhat slower but better planned route than just trying to follow you as the crow flies and clipping into terrain objects.


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