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Update 13.2.0: Specters Of Liberty


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Rescue the Red Veil Hostages!


To pave the way for this overhaul, we’d like to invite everyone to participate in Specters of Liberty to try out the changes, help us work out the kinks and earn some sweet rewards for your efforts. Have fun and let us know what you think.

- Rescue Missions throughout the Star Map have been upgraded to Rescue 2.0. These missions -- and their rewards -- are a permanent addition the game.
- Be stealthy and you'll remain unseen by the enemy. Use this to your advantage to take down the Wardens and release the hostage in your own time. Killing all of the Wardens will also earn you an extra point. (See below).
- Lend the hostage your Secondary Weapon and they will help you take on the enemy.

- The 'Specters of Liberty' Operation will utilize the New Rescue 2.0 Missions. Exclusive Operation Rewards will be awarded to Tenno that achieve point levels while the Operation is live. (See Operation Rewards below.)
- The Corpus and Grineer have upgraded their prison security. Both factions have deployed these new facilities to three different nodes. There are Easy, Medium, and Hard facilities. Access these nodes directly on the Star Chart to participate.
- You need to locate the Red Veil Hostage. They are located in a cell within the prison block.
- Hostages are protected by Corpus or Grineer Wardens. Use caution, if alerted to your presence, they will try to initiate the Execution Sequence.
- If the Execution Sequence is started, a timer appears. If you fail to rescue the hostage before the timer runs out they will be killed.

Rescue 2.0 Mission Rewards are a permanent addition to the game. The Red Veil will always reward you for rescuing their Operatives with Specter Blueprints — Blueprints for new, deployable AI Warframes that can be used in missions or in defense of your Clan's Solar Rails.

Your Mission Rewards will be determined by the difficulty level and number of points earned in each Mission you complete.
Up to 3 points can be earned by completing the following:
Rescue a hostage = 1 point
Don't set off the kill switch = 1 point
Kill all Wardens = 1 point

Your Specter Blueprint will be awarded according to your score. More difficult missions offer stronger Specters.(One Blueprint reward per Mission.)


Your points will then multiply according to the difficulty of the node to determine your Operation Reward:
Easy (Vallis on Mars or Numa on Saturn) -- x1 Point Multiplier
Medium (Brugia on Eris or Mab on Uranus) -- x2 Point Multiplier
Hard (Nereid on Neptune or Cinxia on Ceres) – x3 Point Multiplier
Nightmare (if occurring) -- x4 Point Multiplier

Specters of Liberty is on now! This operation will end on Thursday, May 8 at 12 PM EDT.

OPERATION REWARDS - distributed as soon as you get the required points!
The Red Veil will also recognize you for how you bring home their Operatives. They want you to send a message to the enemy.

Recognition is awarded after you reach the following point levels:
5 points = Operation Badge
100 points = Rakta Syandana

Go forth, Tenno and help the Red Veil bring their people home!

• New: Tenno Specters!
Tenno, you are not alone. The power to create a Specter can now be found in your Arsenal once you obtain a Blueprint! Creating a Tenno Specter can be accomplished by Rescuing hostages in Rescue 2.0! All new Rescue missions will include a hostage whose reward is determined by the difficulty and skill in completion of the mission!
You will be able to create the following tiers of Tenno Specters:

Vapor, Phase, Force, Cosmic

The Blueprints for these Specters can be found when Rescuing targets, see above details for the way points and difficulty works in obtaining your Blueprints!
What can you do with these Tenno Specters?
If you’re in a Clan or Alliance that wants to add greater challenge and defenses to your Solar Rail, you can create Tenno Specters to give to your Clan/Alliance’s Tactician to begin building an army for strategic deployment!
If you’re a player that wants added help in your regular missions, you can bring Tenno Specters in your gear slots to deploy!
Or, maybe you’re both! Have fun in the field with a Tenno Specter at your side!

• New Enemy Type: Wardens! These enemy types are more susceptible to stealth based attacks - find them as a part of Rescue 2.0!
• Added Fusion Core Folding! This feature will automatically group all of your Cores together by Rarity and Rank; i.e You have 50 Common Cores, 25 of which are rank 1 and 25 of which are Rank 2? They will now appear as separate stacks in your Inventory!
• Added in Melee mode functionality for when playing in Big Picture mode.
• Added support for additional aspect ratios.
• Added in support for dark energy colours.


• Changes to Defense Mission Key Rewards.
T1 Keys can now be found at Wave 15 in 'easy' missions (Enemy Level 0 - 10).
T2 Keys can now be found at Wave 15 in 'medium' missions (Enemy Level 10-20).
T3 Keys can now be found at Wave 15 in 'hard' missions (Enemy Level 20+).
• Tweaked Dark Sector transmission music.
• Tweaked the ‘Level Up’ music when gaining a new rank on any of your gear.
• Tweaked a number of jump sound effects.
• Tweaked Nef Anyo's Sniper Rifle sounds.
• Tweaked the frequency of the Grineer Female attack, scream, and player near death sound effects.
• Created a new Custom AI version of the 3D Gorgon fire sound effects used by all Grineer Enemy types which use the Gorgon.
• Altered the visuals on the electric beams seen in a number of traps in the Grineer Galleon tileset from purple to Green.
• Adjusted the amount of firing sound effects that play when firing multiple weapons.
• Altered the effects on Mod drops to help distinguish them from regular item drops.
• Rare Mods will now be tinted yellow to match the visual effects on their pickups.
• Removed collision on a number of art assets in the Grineer Forest tileset to help improve performance.
• Increased the volume on the Latron and Lex Prime sound effects.
• Regular melee attack sound effects will no longer play when using Hysteria.
• Reduced the quality of a number general visual effects to help improve performance.
• Tweaked the Staff weapon hit effects.
• Removed some faulty connector tiles from the Grineer Galleon tileset.
• Tweaked a number of Warframe Ability sound effects.
• Exclusive items will no longer appear as Codex entries unless you have them.
• Increased the volume on ambient sound effects in the Forest tileset.
• Increased the sound volume of the Swarm Missile Launcher projectile wielded by Hellions.
• Improved the performance of a number of Frost's abilities.
• Tweaked the ambient noises in the Shipyards Mobile Defense tileset.
• Increased the performance of a number of Grustrag 3 related visual effects.
• Improved the performance of a number of light assets in the Shipyards tileset.
• Improved the performance of the Slide visual effects.
• Altered the Tint Color 3 selection so as to allow the mouthguard piece on Oberon's Alt helmet to be customized.
• Altered the Mod auto-pickup sound.
• Optimized a number of art assets on the Forest Tileset for increased performance.
• Optimized a number of lights and shadows in the Orokin Void tilesets in an effort to improve performance.
• Tweaked the Apex visuals on Melee Channeling.
• Tweaked a number of Infested sound effects.
• Tweaked the Door Laser activate/deactivate sound effects.

• Fixed an issue with Helios scanning objects that have already been fully scanned.
• Fixed issues with Melee 2.0 compatibility with controller remapping.
• Fixed an issue with the player being able to use invisible melee weapons during the tutorial.
• Fixed a Axe Combo stance card being missing from the Ancient Disrupter drop table.
• Fixed a number of stuck spots in multiple Shipyards Tilesets.
• Fixed a number of graphical issues on Dojo assets.
• Fixed a number of crashes.
• Fixed a number of localization issues.
• Fixed a number of achievements not having corresponding images.
• Fixed an issue with player's being able to bypass the first Vay Hek Cinematic which would in turn break a number of things in the subsequent segments of the level.
• Fixed an issue with Banshee's Sonar ability highlighting nonexistent weak points on Vay Hek.
• Fixed an issue with players losing health and dying by being able to get too high in the Forest tileset.
• Fixed an issue with certain dioramas continuing to load the Tutorial levels when you leave while the diorama is loading.
• Fixed an issue with certain Shiyards level missing doors
• Fixed an issue with the hunter type AI enemies attacking the player's dead body if the player dies before the hunter AI type spawn.
• Fixed an issue with the Drop Ship seen in the Settlement intro missing proper lighting.
• Fixed a number of art related issues seen on in the Forest tileset.
• Fixed an issue with incorrect Dark Sector terminology appearing briefly when opening the Clan Menu while not currently being in a clan.
• Fixed an issue with Capture Targets being capturable twice after a host migration occurs.
• Fixed an issue with minimap opacity not being properly restored when Zooming in and swapping to the overlay view.
• Fixed a number of art related issues in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
• Fixed an issue with players being unable to sign in using the Enter key if that Enter key was rebound to the Chat function.
• Fixed an issue with the Star indicator seen next to Codex entries incorrectly overlapping the entry name text.
• Fixed an issue with minimized Chat tabs not properly flashing when a new message is received.
• Fixed an issue with the minimap not properly directly the player in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
• Fixed an art related issue seen between doorways on the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
• Fixed an issue with the play type drop down menu not properly closing when selecting a Star Map node.
• Fixed an issue with the Arsenal tab not properly closing when the player is disconnected for any given reason.
• Fixed an issue with Orokin Void visual effects appearing as solid blue sheets.
• Fixed an issue with Capture targets being susceptible to Vauban's bounce ability which could cause them to get stuck in level geometry.
• Fixed an issue with the pause menu Mission Information screen showing incorrect Dark Sector related information.
• Fixed an issue with the Arsenal screen being prematurely accessible from the Mission stats screen after completing a mission.
• Fixed an issue with the Undertow exit sound not being played on Clients.
• Fixed an issue with the player appearing to shoot an invisible weapon during the first Mastery Rank test.
• Fixed a number of art related bugs in the Shipyards tilesets.
• Fixed an issue with players being unable to navigate the Pause Menu correctly when using a controller on the PC.
• Fixed an issue with the Pause Menu screen not resizing correctly after leaving a clan while in game.
• Fixed an issue Infested AI types getting stuck inside spawn rooms in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
• Fixed an issue with the Undertow functioning incorrectly if the player casts it while stationary but in the sliding animation.
• Fixed an issue with hit sound effects not playing correctly on disarmed agents.
• Fixed an issue with the Valkyr helmet and body tint colors not matching correctly.
• Fixed an issue with firing or shooting actions not occurring correctly if the player attempts either action after performing an Axe jump attack.
• Fixed an issue with Dojo level blocking volumes incorrectly clipping into adjacent rooms.
• Fixed an issue with the number of Alliance Solar Rails not properly updating for all Alliance members.
• Fixed an issue with with Vay Hek requiring too many scans to complete his Codex entry.
• Fixed an issue with Banshee and Ashes ability's visual effects lingering after usage when experiencing heavy lag.
• Fixed an issue with Infested Leapers not properly leaping.
• Fixed an issue with Corpus MOA's spawned via Moa lockers clipping into objects above them.
• Fixed an issue with users being in "Clan Membership Limbo", which also potentially prevented Mastery Rank tests from being complete.

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Please fix Auto-Vaulting, I am sick of suicide jumping into the bottomless pit cause it activates on its own at worst possible timing


PLEASE give us option to turn it's auto-activation off or bind it to other button than jump
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