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      HOW TO: Claim Livestream Platinum Prizes   31/03/16

      Hello fellow Tenno! Decided to make this guide after receiving multiple private messages and seeing multiple threads on how to claim plat prizes during official Warframe streams. Please remember to refer to the images in the spoilers for more information. Please Note: To be entered into a Platinum give-away on the Warframe Twitch Channel, all you have to do is log into Twitch and watch the stream. Despite what you may see in chat, there is NO requirement to post anything in chat. 
      Step 1:
      If your Twitch name is called out on a official Warframe livestream (Xbox 1 @ 1 / PS4 @ 4 / Primetime / Devstream), you will need to message the Warframe channel with your in-game alias and the platform you play on (PC, XB1, or PS4). To send a message select the "gear" icon at the bottom left, just under the stream window:
      Step 2: 
      Once you have selected the gear icon as shown above, click "message" to open up the editor:
      Step 3:
      Send a nice message to DE with your in-game alias and the platform you play on. Once you've done that click "send":
      Step 4:
      Be patient, once the message has been sent all you need to do is wait patiently and give [DE] "Ember Prime Ginga Ninja" Megan time to dish out the goods. You should have your plat within 24 hours provided there are no emergency issues at DE. If you believe you have been forgotten and it has been 3-4 plat-less days, then it might be a good idea to contact [DE]Megan on the Forums for an update on the situation since no one likes having platinum in limbo.
      Step 5: 
      Enjoy your winnings, Tenno!     [written by Community Moderator / Senior Guide NovusNova]

Enemies Of The Tenno: Infested Submissions

Recommended Posts

Name- Evolving Ancient.

Behaviour- like a standard ancient but much faster, when its infested allies are killed in a 50m radius it levels up growing in health, size and strength. Also as it levels its crit spots become smaller. This can result in a standard enemy turning into a boss battle.

Attack- like standard ancients but as they level up there reach, damage and speed increases. can also quickly revive allies.

Enviroment-standard infested.


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Name Suggestion: Mitosis Crawler


Behavior: Resembles a large flatworm, its mouth is on the top of its body. Aside from the mouth, it's jet black.

The mitosis crawler moves quickly, and passively splits itself in two repeatedly. It has small blob-like stubs where its arms and legs used to be, and its head is still vaguely visible, but none of its features remain more than minimally recognizable.


Attacks: When the Mitosis Crawler spots an enemy, it rushes towards it, flinging itself at the foe like a blob of possessed jello.

It can cling to foes with its teeth, doing damage over time if it's not removed quickly, as well as slowing the warframe it lands on by weighing it down.

It splits much more frequently if attacked, but the clones it creates of itself are smaller if they result from damage. Clones created due to damage also cause the crawler to shrink. The main issue one faces from these crawlers is when they divide rapidly, one can be attacked by dozens of crawlers at once, which will all latch onto you if you're not careful, and the DoT adds up.


Environment Restrictions: I would restrict these to the new infested maps, if it were me. I can see a solitary mitosis crawler becoming a problem if it hides somewhere you can't kill it, because that might lag the game.

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Name: Corpus Exterminator


Behavior: Heavy armor, high damaging pistol/rifle, (2 different types, 1 dual wield pistols, 1 fully auto rifle) can recharge shields of allies that are in a 5-10 meter radius, (when I say allies I mean other Corpus) is VERY vulnerable to headshots. (headshots deal more damage to it than body shots)


Habitat: Grineer/Corpus invasion, Void and (rarely) regular missions

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Name Suggestion: Infected Tenno Hulk

Behaviour:  A large mass of tenno parts that have been devoured and reformed into a bio organic weapon. known as a infected Tenno hulk. After undergoing a strange metamorphosis from consuming large amounts of dead tenno or frozen tenno cryo pods this creature seems to be actively seeking out other tenno operatives to add to its ever growing mass.


Attacks: Will leap at tenno from great distances or charge at them using its enormous maw situated withing its stomach this bit inflicts toxic damage.fires Braton bullets from some of the arm appendages sticking out with no real accuracy also other arms may hold Lato pistols,had a large torso appendage sticking out its chest that is possibly a Tenno's torso wielding a Skana blade this swings about as the body gets within striking distance. Can eat other dead infected through its enormous maw in its stomach to replenish health and increase attack however the more it eats the slower its movements become.


Environment restrictions: Orikin derelict one or two per level although not a boss it should be considered a dangerous opponent for a single tenno.

Edited by Draigo

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Name Suggestion: Burrowing Shrillworm

Behaviour:  Pretty much exactly what it says. It's a worm and it burrows. Functions in packs of about four or five and have different attacks based on color, because they're basically Ospreys bolted onto a couple of grineer torsos.

Attacks: Aside from the burrowing, when it leaps out of the ground, it tries to take a bite out of the player before sinking back into the ground. Depending on the Osprey head, it can either shield allies and itself, launch slithering landmines that the player can destroy, or more slithering objects that consume the player's energy and shields.

Environment restrictions: Everywhere that isn't cold.

Description: Basically, imagine an Osprey without wings, latched onto the head of a limbless Grineer Heavy, who is in turn attached to between four and ten more Grineer Heavies. Like the Human Centipede! Without limbs.


^ I really doubt people would want to see the human centipede. :P And my art skills aren't very good either.

Edited by Sidathe

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 INFESTOR :teleporting infested..has shock / stun attacks. grapple attack ...possible, grabs you holds you.. may blow up or contaminate.. plague..life bleed.

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Name Suggestion: Walker

Behaviour: Big and slow creature. Appears after the Ancients (yes even bigger!)

Attacks: Tries to grab the Player (with two of his arms/tentacles). When grabbed the player has to get rid of him first bevor doing anything else, making him totally useless. To get rid of him you have to compete in a short and small "quick time event" (for example: smashing melee button etc...). After finishing the quick time event successfully the Walker will lose two of his arms/tentacles and will now start to hit you (very, very damaging). If the player is not successfull in the quick time event he will go on the ground as usual and the Walker will attack another player.

Environment restrictions: The Walker only appears in Mobile defense, Defense and Survival

Looks: Big and intimidating! The walker is basically an infested Creature that has attached itself onto a Moa to use its Legs for walking. The Walker has two heavy Arms to hit the player and two additional Arms or tentacles to grab the player.


Point is: it´s big, it´s massive, it´s a new challenge. It´s intimidating not just of his looks but of his ability to wipe out an entire squad if they don´t play together and look after each other. 

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Name Suggestion: Infested Shapeless


Behaviour:  It's a very sneaky and amorphous organism that crawls on dark and tiny spaces which can (try to) change their form a little in order to attack enemy units. These guys are very fast and can roam on walls and roofs like insects in a liquid-like form. As they don't have a solid form, the Shapeless can try to emulate the physiognomy of other forms of life or inanimated objetcs in the environment mostly for hiding purposes. Be careful while opening crates or lockers, they could be hiding in there! When entering combat, they will be on (almost) constant movement around their foes throwing some fast attacks that will mostly come in form of a mutated arm with sharp claws that emanates from their body or sometimes they will throw fast needles. When facing close combat, the Shapeless can try to bite their enemies by mutating in a kind of beastly jaw that can cause serious damage! Their main feature it's their agility and hiding skills, as they don't have actual defenses because their unstable body mass. They won't be easy to spot, unless they find you first.


Attacks: As stated earlier, the Shapeless can perform varied attacks as they don't have a defined form. Their most common move it's their "blade attack", that quickly emerges a mutated arm with sharp claws from the shapeless that will do mostly Slash damage to their opponent. If the foe isn't at range for that, they can do the "needle attack" in which it spits a couple of needles in a burst that procs elemental status for a few seconds, with toxic as the recommended element. Additionally, if the foe it's engaging close combat, the Shapeless will do it's "melee/finisher attack" and turn into a menacing jaw-thing, biting the enemy with fierce fangs, and dealing a lot of damage, mostly Slash. 

Between each attack, the Shapeless will return to it's amorphous form in a flash, which can leave them vulnerable to enemy attacks until they make their next move, so, act fast Tenno!


Environment restrictions: They can only roam on closed areas like buildings or spaceships, and specially on darker zones, as the Orokin Derelict.


Art or Reference Images: http://imgur.com/tmypmAd

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Consuming Ancient


When this mob spawns with other infested it absorbs them. Each other type of infested unit it absorbs ype of bonus I.e. chargers = speed bonus, runners = health bonus, etc. Makes a distinctive bone cracking and flesh rending sound when it consumes. Base speed and HP need to be lower than normal ancients to account for eventual bonuses. Attacks mostly through aura if applicable and active or bites.


Two vertices slit mouths on either side of a flesh colored quadroped, frame. Each maw would extend slightly and angle toward victims. Suction draws enemies in.

Restrictions: This could spawn anywhere. Logic would need to make the consumption power work regardless of rag dolling. Like the Toxic ancients aura, which it would absorb and duplicate. This would become terrible in defense missions where corralling enemies is popular. By Design, I would assume anything consumed would cease to exist and not drop loot.

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Name: Infested Beserker

Behavior: The Infested Beserker is a super Infested Tank. He takes Tenno head on and can charge through a group of Tenno like a hot knife through butter. His Heavy armor makes him slow but very difficult to kill. He is like the pack leader, so when he shows up other Infested will back off. He is a danger only the Best of Us or The Last Of Us will be able to take down.

Attacks: His initiation attack will be a heavy charge at the Tenno, then he also has a battle cry which doubles with armor and can revive certain dead infested, a viral outbreak bomb that does viral damage, a grab when he picks up innocent little Tenno and stomp their faces into the ground, and a bio-leech move where he leeches health from Tenno or dead infested.

Environment restrictions: Can fight in any area, but takes increases damage when area is too cold or too hot.

Optional Art:http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111030202107/gearsofwar/images/0/0b/Lambent_Berserker.png

Image taken from Gears Of War 3

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NAME SUGGESTION: Infested Skewer


Behavior: The Infested Skewer is an infested Moa whose role is served primarily as a scout. By default these creatures are found latched to ceilings and walls, using it’s long snake like neck to peak around corners and other obstacles to watch for any and all who would invade its territory. Its primary method of combat involves poisonous needle shots to weaken the target, and when they get close to bite and skewer them with the toxic horn attached to its face, holding them there with the mandibles. When it feels in serious danger, it releases from its post and begins to use its tail to stab and slash the threat. Because of its worm-like “neck” being able to slide back and forth from head to tail tip, it does so to lengthen the tail, and therefore protect the head.  As a last resort, it’s raptor-like feet can slash and stab a foe who somehow gets too close.


Enviornment Resrictions: Anywhere that has a ceiling, could maybe be in trees, but unlikely and therefore a rare sight.


Attacks: poisonous needles when hanging from the ceiling, as well as stabbing with its horn when enemies get close enough. When threatened it hops down and begins to use its tail like a whip. Sometimes will kick and claw at its foe. If body is seriously damaged the worm will eject, and begin to leap at foes like a grineer roller to provide assistance to its allies. 



Edited by animaCartographer
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Name Suggestion: The Runner (i didnt have a better name this is totally changeable. It have to be a name that describe the fact that its runs everytime and yell)

Behaviour: The creature is a mass of rage disgorged of Lephantis, it have a passive behaviour between other infested. However when an enemy is at its sight, the creature it turns into a nightmare seeking for flesh, blood, bones and anything that can fit into the mouth and grant a merely temporal satisfaction. It doesnt get tired, it always is running moved only for the rage that maintains its horrible form.

Attacks: When an enemy is detected, release a shivery roar that alert other infested nearby to hunt the preys. After that, it runs and yells on a grinner morbidly distorted voice while expose a large extension of three claws made of the same material as Lephantis scythe. Its effective for spread squads and give struggles while the other infested lend a hand. Its not suggested to go alone if you try to hunt one by yourself. The bullets are the worst option to try to takedown one of this creatures, it doesnt take much time to reach you, it have to be battled with a melee weapon and do the best for block the claws or avoid it since deal Slash status damage in big scale and are cappable to confront a rhino with iron skin without think it. Using the warframe skills wisely are also the key to win.

Environment restrictions: It only habits in orokin infested ships, walls are it worst enemy and it dont like to take baths. (this is changeable of course). Can appear in missions were you fight against infested in nightmare mod.

Optional Art:

I didnt find anyone related to it so i will give the details directly.

- Weight/Height same as napalm grinner

- Same colors as the Lephantis, the mouth is like predators (movie) and have a fuchsia glow on it.

- Where is supposed to have an arm, it just have the three claws pending.

- Disturbing eyes, dont aim at his face with a sniper or a scanner if you want to sleep.

- It have the armor barely recognizable of the grinners but its all corroded by the infested mutation.

- Big chest, normal legs (not tiny or miniature).

- The head is sunken in the middle of infested mass, so a headshot is almost impossible at same time that thing is coming for you.

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Name: Infested Myriad


Behaviour: Come in swarms like insects. Do low amounts of poison damage. Having adopted the ability corpus drones have of shielding teammates, mutated to instead now buff nearby infested to 200% damage with corrupted corpus osprey beams. These beams stack, making swarms very dangerous as they all increase each other's damage AND proc chance turning a group of weak enemies into a very high priority death swarm.


Attacks: Fire tiny torid-like darts that do very low poison-based damage with a 10% proc chance. These both increase depending on how many of the Myriad are near each other.


Environment restrictions: Same as corpus sentinals, ospreys, and drones. Don't function well in large outdoor areas due to the ease of picking them off one by one and being scattered. Can fly away to escape immediate danger like ospreys tend to do.



LOL YOU COPY my concept but is a bit different o.0


Name :






- Small or Medium infested unit / units ( Osprey Size )

-Spawn in group of 4 or Single if Medium size , they wonder around and attack you as soon your in range using the Stinger as a Slash and melee attack .




- When you get sting from this enemy you Slowdown or paralyze ( depends on stinger size)from is venom  for a short    period of time  and get damage poison  overtime .


Environment restrictions: 


None they are like Wasp they spread all over ;)


 Art  Image: 




Well i used the wasp criteria because  i notice that  its missing a flying  infested , i hope you like my creation .

By Emblema 

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Name: the swarm


Behavior: fast moving,can detect from a long range,will alert other infested,can hide in containers, if on a corpus vessell can be sucked out into a vacuum when window is broken and melee attacks are usless


Attacks: charge, they charge the Tenno with heavy damage(can be dodged)

             swarm, they fly around the Tenno like say a lot of bee's causing DoT and will stop when the swarm is killed. with the                    Tenno attacked by this   it can attack the swarm  but at reduced damage so for best chance of killing it would be for                     teammates.to help get them off.                                  


Environmental restrictions: any mission containing infested


 Appearence:for refrence this is closest to what i have in mind                                    http://www.abload.de/img/warframe_2013_01_12_26lcbf.jpg




and the higher the level the bigger the swarm

Edited by (PS4)Jossage

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Name Suggestion : Barox


Behaviour : this creature and almost the size of the ancestral.

seems a bipedal dragon to walk.

run like quadruped.

not so high off the ground. his tail makes it big.

he moves slowly. remember a crocodile moving around.

a resilient carapace by bullets.

when it dies, it explodes, damaging tenno and infested nearby.

makes a noise like a snake.



Attacks : Your primary attack: spits a type of acid that damages only the health (remember the attack of the ancestral type: toxic)

                Your secondary attack: a violent bite able to withdraw 850 Shield (Lv30 wave)


Environment Restrictions : found only infested missions


Reference image : http://images.jacotei.com.br/prod_img/grd/41/62/226241.jpg


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Name: Harper


Behavior: The Harper resembles the sea anemonoe-like ground cover found through an Infested ship and likes to hide amongst clumps, but prefers the safety of ceilings, particularly in corners. It associates itself with certain clumps that it feels would be on a prey trail (near openings, such as doors, in hallways or walkways). It projects fine, hair-like feelers to clumps on the floor and waits for prey to pass through and "pluck" its strings. Harpers might be derived from Infested arc-traps or security cameras.


Attack: If a sensory hair is disturbed by a passing creature, the Harper spits a heavy glob of super adhesive at the interloper. A normal hit will slow the target to a walking speed; a critical hit will knock the target prone and immobilize it. Neither attack does damage directly, but upon contact, a pheromone is released that attracts any nearby mobile Infested within seconds. The globule can be rolled off as with the seeker grenades, but, if immobilized, the only way free is with help from a teammate (think revive). The Harper will eventually crawl down, in time, to scavenge any leftovers including blood after summoned attackers have their way with the trapped victim. The glob attack has a decent range and the hairs make the Harper extremely accurate, even with the target moving a high rate of speed. Multiple Harpers can reside in the same room/area.


Environmental Restrictions: Harpers don't fare well in vacuum, so won't be found on the outside of ships, and they fare better where there are lips above door openings, giving them good places to hide and attack unperceptive prey.

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Name Suggestion: Infested Osprey


Behaviour:  Flies and acts like a regular osprey


Attacks:  1) Regular osprey - Shoots low damage bullets at a high fire rate with little accuracy

                2) Mine osprey - Drops mines that inflict viral damage to victim


Environment restrictions:  Must have open air to fly in

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Name Suggestion: Infested Horror

Behaviour: The Grineer Morale Booster turned to even more nefarious than usual purposes through infestation. Now heavily armored and with the additional propulsion of wings, It floats toward it's intended victim, the amplified audio components continuously screaming. If it manages to get close, it opens it's maw and deals a devestating bite to it's target.
Attacks: The Horror's "Howl" is a continuous sonic attack that effects all non-infested within 40 meters. Targets take a low amount of impact damage every half second, and lose 5 energy every second. While in range, the victims' radar (and/or HUD) is scrambled, and they are staggered every 9 seconds. The Horror's "Nightmare Smile" is a close attack with a 0.6 second windup that deals extreme slashing and puncture damage to the victim. If not downed or dead, the Horror repeats this attack every 0.6 seconds.

Environment restrictions: Infested Horrors can be found in any environment where other infested can be found.
They like elevators.

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Name: Sprinter



The Sprinter tends to be the fastest infested game and can teleport, become invisible, and throw her arms skewers with corrosive toxin. But, and a very strong enemy can not be killed, if your body energy becomes low.



-Skewers launches a corrosive toxin 

-Attacks ultra polls with fists and legs. 
-Super speed


Optional Art:


Edited by TiuzinGamer
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Name: Zarkanine (Watchers)

Behavior:  Agile and swift this creature can move just as the Tenno do and is fairly hard to hit. If an injured Tenno strays from his/her group the Zarkanine will be sure to hunt down its prey and finish the job. When not in combat it usually plays the role of sentinel. Reacts to sound, when enemy is heard it will point out enemy or call for reinforcements. Never goes for head to head combat either flanks enemy numbers for a hit and run or waits for lone Tenno to ambush.

Attacks: Charge and tackle, claw swipes, Screech(small stun)

Environment Restrictions: Stays on outskirts of rooms usually high up. Can cling to walls but not ceilings.

   (I thought an enemy like this might be a good fit for stealth missions)






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Name:    Opetida

Behaviour:   (Offensive Support )


The Opetida are cleaver creatures among the infected, hiding just above the swarms but low enough to keep out of sight, at least till they want to strike. Hiding behind swarms of the mighty Phoriade, the Opetida try to focus out the weak Tenno and focus down a single target.


Attacks:   (Damage over time+ Aggro Control )


The Opetida attacks the Tenno primarily in two ways. The first being that it arches up like a snake before spitting a toxic-based missile towards the Tenno, exploding on contact in a AOE and causing increased damage/aggro from the swarminge infected, forcing players to work more as a team. Secoundly, if a Tenno gets to close to any Opetida, it will lash at the Tenno and draw increased aggo on strike.


Environment restrictions:   Infested Missions only

(Optional) Art or Reference Images: (Max 3 images).

Edited by Adolescent_Vampire

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Bounded / Legion



- walks like "zombie"

creates crying noises of grineer victims (faces)

tend to fight each other and eat each other for increase in health/armor



uses assault rifle like grineer lancer

tries to use the hook of its hand to grab players

the faces of grineers will spit acid to players

close range combat is deadly due to both acid + rifle + hook



nothing but walks slow

only in Infested missions (within grineer planets)




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Name Suggestion: Infested Predator


Behaviour: Totally blind. Immune to spells such as Radial Blind, Accelerant. Predator has sonar like a skill of banshee. Using sonar sees Loki, Ash and Shade in invisibility. Hiding in dark corners, usually motionless and camouflaged. Can be heard by the characteristic cracking his antennae, so it scans the area, working as a sonar . 

When he notices the opponent becomes extremely nimble and agile . Moves on any surface , even though the ceiling , even though the wall , column or floor. Can fold up compact like a hedgehog, greatly increasing their defenses and rising health regeneration, while attached to the surface using the tail and hanging like a pear, with each attack it in the folded position, he will shoot spikes from his back in a radius of 360.



Hidden attack: Predator can use your tail to knock down Tenno and drag them. Instantly begins to cut the claws and mouth spitting venom. Melee attacks are the only option when grappled to fight off Infested Predator, otherwise you will die.

Tail attack: Tail is infested grenade launcher. It fires toxic grenades. Such as Torid.

The tail may be closed and cause Impact damage, knocking down Tenno.

Claws attack: Claws deal primarily Slash damage.

Spikes attack: Spikes can get stuck in the body Tenno. Stuck spike stops regeneration shield, reduce armor and adds 30% chance that the skill

used during action cleat does not work. Stuck spike can remove other Tenno himself or spike will fall of over time.

Fangs attack: Fangs deal primarily Puncture damage. Disruption skill, such as has Ancient Disrupter.


Environment restrictions: Only inhabits walls or ceilings, not ideal for open environments. For efficiency they tend to stay in areas with a lot of infestation or organic mass.


Art: lXolGiN.jpg


Description Art: sqtlGbe.jpg


In Limbo Art:


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