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I've had some of the issues [DE]Glen talks about, but until last night they've all been freezes of less than a second, usually just short enough for me to notice but not enough to impact play.


Last night I was running the Dark Sector Survival mission on Jupiter and when I ran into a particular room, the graphics froze solid for several seconds. The audio seemed to continue as normal but the video was frozen. I believe the game was continuing to take player input because when it unfroze I had turned around. After perhaps 10-15 seconds I managed to get back out of the room and all of a sudden the game went right back to normal again. I've opened a support ticket and sent in my EE.log and DxDiag.txt files. Hope that never happens again. :P


And before anyone disparages my hardware, I've got almost 500 hours in the game according to Steam and I was playing during closed beta too, without any issues like this one. My laptop can handle Warframe just fine:


Intel Core i7-4900MQ

NVidia GTX 780M

220GB SSD + 750GB HDD


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Just letting you guys know, sometimes it's the ragdoll effect that lowers the performance.


I've seen it happen several times after shooting an enemy, the frame rate will drop to 1 frame every 1,2,3,4 seconds and the fps display slowly (very slowly) goes to that value, but by the time it reaches a low fps, the game speeds up again and i can play normally again.


Sometimes the ragdoll and the stretching will just slow down the game, carefull not to mix things up in your testing.


My problem still seems to be the freezing that happens from time to time in any place in the game, like ingame, in the arsenal, while i'm standing still, while i'm at the start chart, while playing solo, while at extraction,.....

If it lasts for more than 6 seconds, i dc or i dc everyone.



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Yeah, I was playing with one other person and after I made it back out of the room and my FPS went back to normal, I got the message he disconnected. I guess I was hosting and he got shafted with a host migration. Sorry, anonymous Tenno!


I don't think I had any ragdolling going on, though. IIRC, when I entered the room there was nobody in front of me. Also, I've ragdolled plenty of bad guys with my Paris Prime and Amphis without a single glitch.

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Do any of the graphics options in the options menu affect what shaders are needed to render the game? And if so, do the shaders still load even though the graphics options that use them are turned off?


I'm pretty much at the lowest of the low-end of machines that can play Warframe, so I have pretty much every graphics option (even dynamic lighting) turned off, but I still get a fair number of 'hitches' from moving about some levels.

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Whats the issue that causes FPS to drop from solid 60 to 40 and below when going from single player to co-op? Certainly thats something being addressed? For some of us, theres nothing in this game that ever causes a  solid FPS drop aside from co-oping.


As far as the hitches go, I've never been able to pinpoint any one specific cause to them. Sometimes they just happen completely out of the blue for no reason whatsoever.

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The one I experienced many times for seemingly no reason at all. just moving through a mission at a normal pace and boom my game drops to what appears to be 1 fps. But I've seen some weird stuff with these "hitches" like watch my character get frozen but the water on the floor is still shimmering with local reflections. It was like time slowed down but the water was unaffected.


This slow down only lasted 2-4 seconds in most cases and happened to me in nearly every mission type, and every tileset. but only after U13. Since then it appears to have been patched out. Somehow I get the feeling that it was game engine related. The water lead me to think this.

if u are on a laptop(i am) ,this is problem is caused by unpluging the power supply and repluging it :3 ,thats only if u r on a laptop

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Personnaly I have a very high end machine (ASUS ROG G750 - with GTX780, and i7-4700HQ, and on top of it an SSD and a very good cooling system).


And normally I always run the game with everything to the max no problem.


The only problems I encontered :

- With vortex and tentacle swarm : tearing from the monster that sometimes get caught (liek the arm is suddendly 3 miles long) - this dropped my frame rate a bit.

- sometimes (rarely), a door is open far away from me, and the texture are not loaded on the other side (only black or orange background) - this last only half a sec and then the textures load - this doesnt cause much of a fps drop but I though you should know that even powerfull machines can sometime has a "hitch" as you call it to load the shaders.

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Hello Derebbeca i dont really know how to do this but i have some ideas for the game if at all interested also i may have to give you an alternative email cause i dont check this alot, i also can give you a contact number if needs be.

Um... first of all, wrong section for that, and second of all, if you have suggestions for the game, there is a Fan Concepts section where you can share it. Otherwise, you can PM it directly to her via the Forums. Her alias is DERebecca. You can also message Megan or Drew.


I'm sure if you wanted to talk to her that badly, you could call the Digital Extremes office/headquarters/whatever you want to call it and ask for her directly, but that would be kind of awkward and creepy.

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Oh... yeah... this thread remembers me of one thing... When are the red doors that show up for split seconds going away?


Ever since Glen started to fiddle around with the stuff he mentioned in OP I'm having those red door suckers on the Corpus ship tileset and also on the Grineer ship tileset. They are the ones where I've that bullsh*t every friggin time ever since those changes got implemented in May. It's getting pretty annoying and I can't do anything about it and I never had those problems before Glen started to change the way the tilesets are loaded to video memory or whatever.


Btw yes I've the latest drivers thanks to GeForce Experience: 337.88 for my GTX 570 on Windows 7 64bit.


I mean these ones that this guy recorded:



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I have been farming Jupiter/Elara solo lately and have been getting the 2-5 second duration slide shows.  This is new as I had been farming it about 2 weeks ago with none.  It happens on the indoor tiles, usually the big room full of the large square pillars.


edit this one: 



edit mark2: #179920 for ee.log I was hitching nearly every time I went through the entrance in the second jpg, in the direction I am looking in it




Phenom 9950 @ 2.6

4 gig Corsair

750 GTX Ti 2 gig version

Driver WHQL 337.88

win7 64bit



Multi threaded on

64 bit

Windowed Borderless mode

all game settings on low


VLC running in background playing mp3's


I am using Trinity which has link up[colour classic saturated light blue column 5 row 6] with Ignis[colour Smoke grey, not sure which exact one]

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