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Issue during Solo Mission, tab-out when paused. Also, melee weirdness.


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Last night, I was trying out the game when a friend wrote me on Skype. Travelling upwards on an elevator, I thought it a good time to pause the game and tab out to reply, which I did.

Upon tabbing back into the game, everything appeared normal for a moment - but then something weird happened.

The game still paused, my character jumped up (not as in actually used his legs to jump, I mean graphically stuttered), and the game remained paused. I hit escape to get back into the game, but I remained where my character had jumped to - above the ceiling, above the elevator and the rest of the level.

I wandered around up there for about a minute, looking for some place to drop down. This was made significantly more difficult by the fact that I couldn't seewhatever I was walking on top of, and my character turning completely invisible - the only way I could even see if I was moving or not was by turning the camera towards the elevator shaft, which was still visible from up there.

Eventually, I started jumping around, and my character found a ledge to grab onto, after which I fell halfway through the roof. Another few seconds of wiggling back and forth, and I fell to the normal floor, and could continue the mission.

Also, I repeatedly find myself rushing enemies to try and clip them with my sword, only to find myself running into them (as in graphically inside of them), where my melee hits proceed to completely miss - but they can still sock me in my silly little mouth.


Annoying, to be sure, but I forgot to mention that it usually only happens when I try to rush around a corner, or if there's a difference in height between me and them (i.e. stairs), when attacking them. It does happen in the open from time to time, but usually they hit me before I get the charge attack off if I miss the first time around, and they're usually not in the open unless I do.

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That's a weird little scenario, lol, I guess no pausing in elevators from now on. xD

Shame you didn't take any screenshots of it.

The sword is a bit clunky I agree, you need to stand in front of the target to successfully land a hit, being too close usually equals a miss. A tad frustrating in stressful situations.

Yes, if you play solo mode and go into options the game pauses since it's your own instance.

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