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Here is my Nyx build (Orokin reactor installed):

Mind control: not upgraded. Still works fine to stun heavies and get close to them and kill them, and not have them attack you.

Psychic Bolts: Fully upgraded. Five bolts autotracking and flying to enemies on screen. Can't go wrong with that.

Chaos: Fully upgraded. To increase the AoE range.

Absorb: Fully upgraded, but it's an experiment. Could leave it un-upgraded.

Flow: Fully upgraded and Nyx will have 450 energy. (Flow is hard to find though)

Streamline: On the way to fully upgrade, all skills a little cheaper.

Reach: On the way to fully upgrade, to give extra AoE rang to Chaos.

I removed shield and health mods from my Nyx, because at rank 30 she will have 300 shield and 300 hp now. Although health and shield might be needed for later levels and replaced them with Continuity and Rush for now. Might replace continuity back with a shield mod.

And yea, she's good for everyday play as far as i can tell.

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You don't really need the extra range on Chaos. It's good enough only at rank 3 without any additional range tbh. You don't have to Chaos all mobs, just the majority.

She is very good for anything pretty much, except bosses with shields where you will use your weapons mainly (yes you can chaos or mind control adds if there are any, but if is only boss then is so-so, am experimenting now with trying to chaos mobs before boss activation and drag him / them to meet eachother). Your Psychic Bolts don't deal damage instantly which means shields have time to start regenerating (unles you use a weapon with a big clip and can spam damage between casts). But in rest she's great, you have something for every situation, just don't underestimate Mind Control in favor of Chaos. If you mind control a tough enemy (like ancients, elite machinegunner / bomber / commando) all enemies will focus fire it and you can either help them (why would you) or dash in and eliminate them all fast then finish off the elite.

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how much damage deals her bolts ?

50/100/150 damage per bolt @ 3/4/5 bolts, respective to levels of Skill.

In regards to OP, I love her. She is by far my favorite Frame and excels in heavy Infested missions as well as any over-crowded mission you end up in. Not only is she a strong solo, but is phoenominal in team setups. I actually only have Mind Control and Chaos equipped on her since I never used her Bolts in favor of my weapons and her Absorb would fail me due to Grineer walking away to find cover to shoot me from.

Enjoy her, she's a blast ;)

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