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After playing Warframe for about a week I have been frustrated pretty regularly by a simple yet annoying situation. I will go to a mission with mode set to online, the game will search for active squads and finds one. The game then attempts to connect to that squad but runs into an error that disconnects me from the session and kicks me back to mission select. I try to go into the mission again, mode set to online, and have the same thing occur. Rinse and repeat until I give up.

Now I know alot of people are going to assume my NAT is setup wrong or I have blocking or something but this is not the case. I can normally connect with most people but when this crops up I cannot connect until that squad with the issue clears out of the mission. This is rather annoying because I then have to either switch to private or solo mode or wait 5-10 minutes while the squad that has the problem clears.

A very simple solution to this would be to have 2 online modes: Online Join and Online Host. The way I would envision this working is that Online Join is what online is now: If there is an active squad on the mission attempt to join, else host mission. The Online Host option on the other hand would skip the first part and JUST host the mission starting a new squad. I don't know how many other people run into the same situation that I do but I would imagine adding another option to skip searching for another squad would not be terribly difficult. Or maybe I am completely wrong and this idea would litteraly require building the game from the bottom up all over again, I am not a programmer, I have no idea.

Sorry for any rambling.

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