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Some Game Ideas


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Just some suggestions that I think would be cool.

1. Maybe there could be events/mission/raids that could require about 10 people that would have to work together to defeat hordes of enemies with a few huge bosses that could drop lots a of mods and credits.

2. Maybe selective crafting such as, "ammo" where and ammo mechanic could drop ammo boxes for their team mates. And by leveling up that craft skill they could gain passive abilities to their max ammo and a bonus to the ammo they find on the ground. another might be "primary weapon mechanic" or "secondary weapon mechanic" or "melee specialist" or "apothrocary". and the apporpiate passives for each would apply.

3.I think that it would be cool to have some sort of guild addition to the game, where players can be recruited into player made guilds and they could easil team up for missions for easier progression. It might be nice for a guild logo or emblem that can be made and put onto the shoulders of our warframes.

4. I was also thinking about more warframe specific skills that might make more warframes unique, such as maybe if a player likes a warframe like the "rhino" but that player likes to use melee weapons, maybe they could have a skill to put into their warframe that could allow a melee AOE or extra damage on the next swing. Or maybe they like a slow but effective firing rifle and so they could add a skill to their warframe that could unleash a single shot with high damge that could pierce through all enemies in its path and maybe make the animation different for each warframe like "ember's" could shoot a fire ball after activation of the skill for her next shot.

these are just some ides let me know what you think and please post some of your own..

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