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Screen Shake And Flickering Lights


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The thing is, I kinda find it problematic and extremely annoying when I find myself in 15+ enemy fights that turn into rainbow earthquake, the screen shakes like hell which misdirects you and you might fall into death pit, on purpose, and (espesually when it is dark) there are so many colorful lights it looks like 4th of july with earthquakes that give you seizures while you being throwed around like a volleyball.

Is there an option to reduce or remove this? Because I can't seem to find it.

Also why would your screen shake like hell or even at all while you are a mile away from your ally/foe, please make it stop, it's just awful.

Oh and to those who don't know it yet, don't bring snipertron to any missions against infested or corpus, bad idea, bad, real bad.

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I'm fine with some screenshake just to give the feeling of impact to, for example, melee weapons but it should probably be toned down considerably in some cases. Try meleeing with a heavy weapon. You don't actually know what you are hitting sometimes, just that you are hitting something because the screen is all over the place. It gets worse when you have 2 or 3 people using heavy weapons at the same time. It's effective, but nobody knows why because they can't actually see what they are doing.

Better idea is not to bring the Snipertron to any mission, by the way. It's bad.

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