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★ Graphic Designer For Hire | Clan Emblem Designer ★





If any Clans need help creating a Clan Emblem, I'm your guy! With a 3 Year Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design!


I have 2 questions before I start:

1. What is your Clan name?

2. Do you have any preferences on the shape of the Emblem, or details you want on it?


• I work in Adobe Illustrator (And Photoshop if needed) so all my Emblems are in Vector format. Learn about Vectors: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_graphics

• I also send you an in-game preview of the Emblem (A photoshopped Image) to help show the final result

• And finally I make the Emblem upload ready to DE's requirements (A 128x128 .PNG file)


Price: All I ask is for a Donation of any amount, If you're a PS4 player Platinum, If you're PC PayPal


Private Msg me and I will help you out Asap!





1st one for:        HELL_HAMMER_76       Clan: Iron Demons                             Donated: 100p

2nd one for:       bluerazoredge                Clan: Accepting all challenges          Donated: 85p

Not shown:        juni_75                            Clan: VII Legion                                 Donated: 150p

Below:               TurtleyHawkward            Clan: Heirs to the Sun                        Donated: Loki P Chassis, Lex P BP, 10p

Below:                Iillwill                              Clan: Prime Dynasty                           Donated: 132p

Below:                InVeRt_DrEaMz              Clan: Knights of Zion                         Donated: 125p

Not shown:         t3nka_XXL                     Clan: Progressive Dancer                  Donated: €20 ($28 Canadian)

Below:                ELIT3_EXP3RT-01         Clan: OSIRIS                                      Donated: 125p

Not shown:         BigBoyIsiah                   Clan: Elite Dragon Knights                 Donated: 40p

Below:                 InVeRt_DrEaMz             Clan: Disciples of Fate                       Donated: 150p

Not Shown:         bluerazoredge               Clan: The Harbinger Of Death           Donated: 300p

Not Shown:         Aegir_Fellwood             Clan: Gaia Wardens                           Donated: 200p

Not Shown:         Erymous                       Clan: Ramen Shop Warriors              Donated: 400p

Not Shown:         NxS_OM3GA               Clan: The illuminate                            Donated: 400p

Not Shown:         youngjackula               Alliance: The Rising Lotus                  Donated: Loki P Set, 25p

Not Shown:         youngjackula               Clan: Crimson Realm                          Donated: 100p

Not Shown:         Noro_Razor_34           Clan: Dark Razor Ninjas                      Donated: 500p


'Heirs to the Sun' Emblem's




'Prime Dynasty' Emblem's




Logo's for Lost Sector (Warframe side scroller) http://8bit.wf/




'Knights of Zion' Emblem's




'OSIRIS' Emblem's




Disciples of Fate




Emblems not used by clans (Donate to have your clans name in these Emblems) They need a home!



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Hey man, i'm in college now for graphic design...is there jobs available or do you have to find whatever small job you can take on, thanks.


Depends on where you live. If it's near a large city with Advertising Agencies, Graphic Design businesses, Packaging companies, etc. You are in luck. If not, I would suggest moving near one after college, and doing freelance during college to help pay for Tuition.


Freelance as you probably have been told, is probably the most difficult way to work in Graphic Design since, unless you work extremely cheap, and jobs are rare. But if you're not near any companies hiring, it's the only option. 

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