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★ Graphic Designer For Hire | Clan Emblem Designer ★





If any Clans need help creating a Clan Emblem, I'm your guy! With a 3 Year Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design!


I have 2 questions before I start:

1. What is your Clan name?

2. Do you have any preferences on the shape of the Emblem, or details you want on it?


• I work in Adobe Illustrator (And Photoshop if needed) so all my Emblems are in Vector format. Learn about Vectors: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_graphics

• I also send you an in-game preview of the Emblem (A photoshopped Image) to help show the final result

• And finally I make the Emblem upload ready to DE's requirements (A 128x128 .PNG file)


Price: All I ask is for a Donation of any amount, If you're a PS4 player Platinum, If you're PC PayPal


Private Msg me and I will help you out Asap!





1st one for:        HELL_HAMMER_76       Clan: Iron Demons                             Donated: 100p

2nd one for:       bluerazoredge                Clan: Accepting all challenges          Donated: 85p

Not shown:        juni_75                            Clan: VII Legion                                 Donated: 150p

Below:               TurtleyHawkward            Clan: Heirs to the Sun                        Donated: Loki P Chassis, Lex P BP, 10p

Below:                Iillwill                              Clan: Prime Dynasty                           Donated: 132p

Below:                InVeRt_DrEaMz              Clan: Knights of Zion                         Donated: 125p

Not shown:         t3nka_XXL                     Clan: Progressive Dancer                  Donated: €20 ($28 Canadian)

Below:                ELIT3_EXP3RT-01         Clan: OSIRIS                                      Donated: 125p

Not shown:         BigBoyIsiah                   Clan: Elite Dragon Knights                 Donated: 40p

Below:                 InVeRt_DrEaMz             Clan: Disciples of Fate                       Donated: 150p

Not Shown:         bluerazoredge               Clan: The Harbinger Of Death           Donated: 300p

Not Shown:         Aegir_Fellwood             Clan: Gaia Wardens                           Donated: 200p

Not Shown:         Erymous                       Clan: Ramen Shop Warriors              Donated: 400p

Not Shown:         NxS_OM3GA               Clan: The illuminate                            Donated: 400p

Not Shown:         youngjackula               Alliance: The Rising Lotus                  Donated: Loki P Set, 25p

Not Shown:         youngjackula               Clan: Crimson Realm                          Donated: 100p

Not Shown:         Noro_Razor_34           Clan: Dark Razor Ninjas                      Donated: 500p


'Heirs to the Sun' Emblem's




'Prime Dynasty' Emblem's




Logo's for Lost Sector (Warframe side scroller) http://8bit.wf/




'Knights of Zion' Emblem's




'OSIRIS' Emblem's




Disciples of Fate




Emblems not used by clans (Donate to have your clans name in these Emblems) They need a home!



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