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[Suggestion] Hacking Console


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There should be more Console Hacking like Disabling Alarm, Locking Doors and Over Taking the turrets.

Also, failing a Hack should activate the alarm and failing to Disable the alarm would disallow another try. Locking Doors however should only last so long, like 20 to 30 seconds before the lock is disabled by the enemy. Over Taking the turrets should last until destroyed by the enemy or allies.

Disabling Alarm would make stealth play more viable.

Locking Doors when you're over runned by enemies.

Over Take turrets just cause you can.

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+1 to this.

However, to do this, hacking should be made harder. Current;y I can hack something in four seconds, tops, and that'd make everything too simple. Though what I would like to see, for some ludicrously hard hacking challenge on Corpus worlds-overtake the Moas. Just all the Moas. Imagine it.

And better yet...

Overtake the Jackal. Or the Hyena. Or Ambulas. Just imagine taking one of those bad boys for a joy ride!

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