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What Is Meant By Loadouts?


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A loadout is a specific set of gear that you can select all at once. For instance, a loadout can be:

Loadout 1 (vs. Grineer):

Frame: Excal

Primary: Gorgon

Secondary: Furis

Melee: Cronos

+mods on each

Loadout 2 (vs. Infested):

Frame: Nyx

Primary: Hek

Secondary: Bolto

Melee: Gram


As you can imagine, if you had to switch all that stuff around, it can be difficult do to in-between rounds with a continuing squad. If anyone votes, the 60 sec countdown starts. Instituting loadouts would give us the possibility to change our setups quickly, and with far fewer clicks. The main benefit being that you can have certain setups that you like and can switch out for the situation you're about to face.

Hope this helps.

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