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I have seen alot of advertisement on websites for this game yet I always ignored it because I thought it would not been good somehow even when there was alot of key giveaways to try with the closed betas.

But just yesterday on twitch I decided to try it out and okay I liked it.

Everything has great graphics for a free game.

On the first mission after spending some time customising colors for weapons and character I was enjoying the gameplay

until the part where all the lights get shut down and guards were looking for you.

It was amazing with our lights and there lights and the dark scenes.

Now the problem is I found it very bad when I couldnt turn off the lights from my weapon light or wherever it came from and

even hidden in darkness behind cover somewhere they still found me immediate.

Possible to get a fix on turning on/off weaponlights and have modifications for the alertness of the guards/enemies when lights shine or not?

That was the only unrealistic thing from my first experience yesterday in this theme where everything elese was quite good so far.


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Yeah, can we just have a toggle on/off for the flashlight? Sometimes I need it when the game thinks I don't, and sometimes it's annoyingly bright when it thinks I do.

But mainly, more stealth options. We are friggin' NINJAS (gun-toting magic slinging techno space ninjas, but still ninjas) I'd like it to be a viable option to stealth through with ANY frame. Maybe Loki and Ash can, but I've got a Mag and she sure as hell can't.

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