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Suggestion For New Weapon Mod


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Let’s just accept the fact that some weapon are more superior than the other because of the better mod scalling (yes im pointing at you pistols), while some don’t even scalled properly because the mod is intended for the other weapon (better luck next time snipertron) or vise versa. Yeap mod is the main protagonist/antagonist on this drama and I bet generally change the mod scalling will not solve the problem.

In my opinion, we need to make mod scale according to weapon stat, where they gave more benefit when it’s has poor stat, while giving additional option, but less powerfull main effect on already solid stat. The basic concept of new mod should look like this.

Damage: Poor/Good/Great

Reload Speed: Poor/Good/Great

Max ammo: Poor/Good/Great

Max Clip: Poor/Good/Great

Fire Rate: Poor/Good/Great

And so on

Let’s take an example of Snipetron, This weapon already has good damage so damage mod doesn’t add much, while reload mod has greater effect on this weapon since it’s poor reload rate. Another example is akloto, this twin sister has rather good fire rate, this will change multishot mod to reduce it’s proc chance while increase the proc damage. The mod effect will be different on Lex since it will increase proc rate, while the proc damage become lower BUT increasing it’s fire rate with mod will also affect other mod efficiency (EX: increasing lex fire rate will stat by certain % will turn it from Poor into Good, hence will affect other mod like multishot and so on.)

In order to make each weapon type different, they will have their own Strong point, assault rifle strong point lies on fire rate (it’s just a concept, can be changed later on), while sniper has it’s Armor penetration superiority. Pistols are divided into two which is light (bolto,loto), and heavy (Lex, and Kraken) also have different strong point, and so does melee type (Light, medium, heavy). Those strong point will affect several mode effectiveness, which create diversity and encourage people to try different weapon combination (means encouraging to buy weapon slot, moar money for dev), instead of stick on certain weapon type because it’s superior than the other.

Need a feedback about this suggestion, don’t be shy..except just don’t overdo it.

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Or the exact opposite. Weak stats get weak boosts, but when a weapon is good at something it is GOOD at something.

You want all weapons to tend towards the bell curve, my idea makes each weapon more specialized.

Already stated on Strong point section, each weapon type has different specialities. You can put the exact same mod on Lex like you do on your snipetron but in the end it won't be the same since it has different strong point. And like i said, increasing some stat will also effect some mod, so you can't just place some mod and hope it will become all rounder "i kill and reload without even notiching" like current weapon situastion.

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