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Friend Plays Before Animation


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There was issue where me, my fiance and my friend were playing random maps in squad. Me and my fiance were playing from same internet connection (LAN) and my friend were playin from different one.

Many times when my client said "Waiting for other players" and my fiances client was on loading screen my friend started playing! My friend could open storage units and kill enemies about 15sec and then my fiances client loaded the game and my friend jumped back to animation and then started from same position with us. But all lockers were opend and enemies killed and all actions what my friend did were done.

Hes client was faster or what? But this is the "bug" and yes it was an private match.

Thank you and sorry for my bad english.


Edit: spelling

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LMAO!!! You have no idea how many times I've pulled that off on squads I was in lol! I'll be running around sometimes for 30 seconds before it pops me back to the start position with my squadmates hehe! Might just be higher speed connection.

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