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Multishot Mod Not Always Applied To Sturn Shotgun; Steam Launcher Fails To Detect Windows


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Sometimes the mod fails to work and I don't recieve a cloud of damage numbers where there should be.

Doesn't seem to happen if I switch mods around when in a lobby or starting a game by myself, but sometimes happens when joining a game that's already in progress.

I can't seem to pin down what's causing it. Will update this thread if I find the cause.

As for the Steam issue, launching warframe via the default shortcut or manually linking to the Launcher.exe fails to launch. The error is: "Warframe can not be run on this version of Windows; Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later is required."

I am running Windows Vista SP2. The game runs from Launcher.exe in the

[size=4]Warframe\Tools[/size] folder. This has been happening since around Update 7 when I started playing.

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