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Specific Mod Causing Ui Inventory Bug With Lex


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Goooooooooooood morning/afternoon/evening/night,

First of all I know this bug has been posted about, but I'm special and elaborated a bit more on the cause. I'm great.

I have a very annoying bug which involves only my LEX pistol (well, might affect others but moot point, needs a fix). When I go to select my LEX in my arsenal everything is dandy, when I try to equip a specific mod however, hell breaks loose.

The Bug seems to affect other people and retains to the GUNSLINGER mod and the LEX (although this needs more research than my 5 secs of lolligagging on the forums)

This happens:


When trying to equip the Gunslinger mod to get some Rate of Fire into the gun. When I try to equip that mod, it doesn't equip into the slot and instead gives me a mod overlay ontop of my UI that I can't click away and requires a reboot of the game to go away.

Funnily enough, the mod overlay displays on the login screen when I logout as seen below:


Does anyone know a workaround or could the dev's please get rid of this atrocious bug?

With kind Fragor hits,


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