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Hotfix 13.2.3


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Hotfix 13.2.3



  • Helmets with stat modifications have now been removed from the Market/Alert Cycle. Previously crafted or purchased Helmets with stats have been grandfathered in and will not be affected by this change. Additional Stat-to-Stateless Helmet recipes have been added to the Market for individuals wishing to change their current stat modifying helmets to purely cosmetic versions. To coincide with this change, the ability to trade Helmets has been added into the game as well. While the possible options to execute on this change were many, we do not feel comfortable removing the stats outright from gear players have spent hours and hours waiting for via alerts or spent Platinum on. The agency is in the players hand to remove the stats, and we will monitor to decide if further steps need to be taken.


  • Added in a number of Loading Spinners to indicating when certain screens are loading in new data.
  • Added in a new Battle Pay Reserve section to the Dark Sector Menu. This will display a credit amount of how much Battle Pay is left for the selected Node.


  • Lowered resource costs for Specters and Specter Armies.
  • Dark Sector conflict missions have been replaced with Mobile Defense missions.
  • Changed the End of Mission Results Screen term "Head Shots" to "Headshot Kills" for additional clarity.
  • Improved the visual effects on multiple Warframe abilities.
  • Clan Message of the Day length has been restored to the original 256 character limit.
  • Optimized energy color visuals to ensure that they match the visual effects for all items they are linked to.


  • Fixed an issue with the Deploy Rail button being highlighted on nodes protected by a Honor Armistice.
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Sector selection screens not updating properly after  Solar Rail has been deployed.
  • Fixed a number of localization issues.
  • Fixed a collision issue on elevators in the Orokin tileset.
  • Fixed an incorrectly placed blocking volume found in the Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed a number of crashes.
  • Fixed an issue with your Clan Name not being properly centered in the Dark Sector panel.
  • Fixed an issue with unintended fade outs happening during Outro Cinematics.
  • Fixed a graphical issue seen on the Inbox screen.
  • Fixed an issue with AI attempting to navigate through open spaces left by moving elevators on the Grineer tileset.
  • Fixed a visual issue related to the Nekros' Summons from Shadows of the Dead.
  • Fixed an issue with items being missing from the Ictus Sentinel Pack.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies killed right after being affected by Rhino’s Stomp ability would remain permanently floating in the air.
  • Fixed an issue with Mods temporarily disappearing and the scroll bar resetting after fusing a stack of Mods.
  • Fixed further issues with work in progress items appearing in the Codex.
  • Fixed an issue with Tornado visual effects appearing black under certain conditions.
  • Fixed another instance of Enemies getting stuck in upper tunnel section of the Forest tileset
  • Fixed a number of map holes including an issue with players being able to get out of the game play area on the Orokin Void tileset


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Everything was better in the old days! Even the masks could transform you into a super hero ;)




Special thx for:



  • Fixed an issue where enemies killed right after being affected by Rhino’s Stomp ability would remain permanently floating in the air.


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Still hoping for Stat Mod slot... want to have Vanguard stats but show my Rhino Prime helm...


Question: Will will be able to have both an Arcane Helmet and a Statless Helmet crafted and available? I don't necessarily want to overwrite my crafted helms, and would not mind at all crafting a second statless version... that is, taking into consideration that the far better idea of a Stat Mod is not going to be implemented... ;-)





Yeah, GL with that! Unless they give us our uncrafted arcane bps back, nobody is tradin nobody no nothin.  :-P



They made it so you can't craft a helm you already own (like in the "old days"). If you check your inventory, you will see the bps there.

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