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Mystery Potato



Yesterday I was playing and when I started I did not have any Orokin Catalysts. I played for a while and did a bunch of missions including some alerts. None of them gave a potato as a reward. When I went to log off I had an Orokin Catalyst blueprint in the foundry.

Now I'm not complaining but where the hell did it come from? It wasn't a log in reward, it wasn't an alert, it was a mystery potato. Anyone have an idea where I got it from? (Cause I want more.) :-)

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Hehe, If you've play old games with those super special "ooh it's my lucky day"-chests? Then it's a "Mimic" and it will feed on your brains. Also when installing it in your gun a little flag will come out saying "bang" instead of firing bullets.

Just saying ;)

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