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Organizing Mods By Category


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I've played Warframe for 6 days from now and i would like you to know that the MODS menu is absolutely awfull

we have to scroll page after page to search for mods

Could you change the menu below (name, recent, type, price) by something like this (the FUSION CORE are in all category) :








That would be a great improvement

Thank you for reading my suggestion

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Specific problems concerning the current MOD-framework from a players perspective:

-Filter/Sort by category would make me identification of the duplicate/fusion-core way easier. Currently i am browsing and clicking back and forth only to apply a single fusion-core (btw: the text-buttons on the lower mod-overview-border "recent", "price", "name", etc. are missaligned with the clickable space, i.e. you click beside the text to hit it).

-Currently installed MODs are not upgradable. We have to uninstall (and then save) it and then enter the MOD-Screen in order to duse it, then go back to the weapon/frame-page and install it again, and save again. To me it seems like a lot of unnecessary clicks. Suggestions would include:

-right-click on an already installed mod to context sensitive menu in order to upgrade

-include installed mods in mod-overview (somehow marked so that we know its currently in use)

-integrate mod-fusing on the weapon/frame-mod-page, not having it on an extra page

-out of ideas. ;)

So long..

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