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Enemies Of The Tenno: Corpus Submissions

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Project information: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/225737-enemies-of-the-tenno-design-project/


Please submit a design idea for a new Corpus enemy type.


Required Format:


Name Suggestion: (1-2 words max)

Behavior:  (max 200 words)

Attacks: (max 200 words)  

Environment restrictions:  (max 20 words)

(Optional) Art or Reference Images: (Max 3 images).




Name Suggestion: Shreddz

Behaviour: This enemy, codenamed ‘Shreddz’, hides in secret floor traps waiting for their prey to fall into the death pit.

Attacks: This Corpus enemy type has razor sharp insides that grapple onto Warframes and pulls them deeper into their trap. Once the Warframe has been completely immobilized, the metal top slams down and self destructs. 

Environment restrictions: Yes, only inhabits below floor traps. Not ideal for ground level.

Optional Art: http://nygoe.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/paper-shredder-full.jpg




1 Submission per user.

Submissions must be for CORPUS enemy type.

No bosses - these are for regular mission encounters.

No Reserving spots.

No breaking format/exceeding image cap or wordcount.

Post locks May 16th at 12:00 noon EDT!

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Name Suggestion: Corpus Auditor


Behavior:  Like her namesake, the Corpus auditor is a highly deft, incredibly scrutinized fighter, designed to bolster the power of the Corpus while tearing at the loopholes in the enemies defenses. Using technology to make her 'skate' around the battlefield, she uses buffs to increase the output and efficiency of Corpus Proxies, and can deploy mobile camera devices to lock down Tenno and activate local defenses.


The Auditor is a position held in high regard to the Corpus, so although arrogant and deadly, she is not foolhardy. Designed as a quick-moving, fast-strike support enemy, the corpus Auditor will retreat after taking damage, but will continue to buff her proxies and use the deployable cameras to hinder Tenno advancement.


She is no pushover however, and can use her radiation charged polearm to great effect in close combat.



Deploy Ocula – The Ocula is a small camera that ‘attaches’ itself to a Tenno, pinpointing it with the laser spotlight used by stationary cameras. The Ocula will orbit in fast, zipping motions, making it hard to hit, but it can be destroyed. While it is active and ‘attached’ all laser gates are active, and it – as well as local turrets – will be actively firing shots at the target. Once destroyed, the camera effect is gone.


Firmware Upgrade – The Auditor is augmented to be able to reprogram Corpus proxies in a matter of seconds. When activated, the firmware upgrade causes all Corpus Proxies (Moa’s, Drones, etc.) to receive damage and movement speed buffs. This lasts until the unit is destroyed or the Auditor is killed.


Arc Discharge – By pointing her polearm at a Tenno, she can release a Amprex-like bolt of lightning, typed as radiation. This is a straight-forward attack that is designed to proc an effect over any real damage.


Environment restrictions:  None. Maneuverability in any situation is key to an Auditor.


Art or Reference Images:




EDIT: Can you tell I have been refreshing the page all morning?

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Name: Corpus Conduit


Behavior: Utilizing MOA legs to tower over foes and demonstrate startling combat agility, the female Corpus Conduit is highly aggressive, charging headlong into whatever enemy she currently has in her sights. Beware her prods, Tenno.


Attacks: Using the long reach of a Prova Pike to compensate for her augmented height, the Corpus Conduit is capable of performing lunging attacks much like a Leaper infested, as well as using her robotic legs to create the radial AoE stomps of a Shockwave MOA.


Environmental restrictions: Impractical in tight, closed spaces; possibly losing all mobility.




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(Edit: Art added. Ps. I suck at drawing machines.)


Corpus Panther


A mass-produced variant of the Hyena prototype, the Panther retains the same basic mammalian proxy features however it's power and armour are lower from a Hyena's in exchange of better agility and a far cheaper production cost. The Panther has been assigned to several Corpus ships and bases where it can take advantage of it's agility, providing offensive support to other units such as the crewmen and MOAs. Panthers lack the raw streght of the Hyenas and are not as large and even lack the usage of their special abilities, however this is complemented with the perfect synergy the offer to the field of battle in relation to other units, favoring running on almost any surface, vertical or horizontal, and using a mixture of melee and ranged attacks. For this reason the Corpus have undisclosedly manufactured 3 main models to even the odds in the field.


Panthers rely on their agility to quickly move around the enviroment, able to run and leap amongst walls and ground. All models have the ability to engage in melee and use ranged attacks (from shoulder mounted twin guns), yet at what frequency these are used depends on the model. There are 3 known manufactured variants:

-Assault: Standard variant, it's equipped with twin shoulder-mounted plasma repeaters for range but also tends to close in for melee, favoring hit-n-run tactics it is the toughest variant and works with a pack mentality.

-Rail: Keeps it's distance from foes, rarely closes in and prefers high view points on walls for tactical advantage. It posseses twin long range railguns that can deal magnetic proc on impact, and as expected it attacks from very long ranges.

-Phantom: This variant posseses stealth camouflage and prefers to close in while invisible to viciously strike with melee, being the most agile variant. However in case of needing to retreat it also has flak launchers that are used when backing up to recharge the cloak.

Enviroment Restrictions:

None. Panthers have become standard issue.


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TL;DR: 2 corpus fighting together, one with a shield, one with a high damage rifle.


Name Suggestion: (1-2 words max)
Mercurius / Vayaete
Male     / Female

Behaviour:  (max 200 words)
These 2 tend to stay together like a couple.

Mercurius uses his shield to protect Vayaete while walking and while she charges her heavy charge cannon.
Vayaete uses her heavy charge cannon to shoot from a long range. She holds the cannon above the shield when firing, only her head is visible during the 1-2 second charge and shot.

Mercurius is a medium unit which moves semi-fast.
Vayaete is a heavy unit which moves slow.

Mercurius walks in front holding his shield to protect himself and Vayaete. Vayaete walks straight behind him taking cover, both move slow in this state. Vayaete will occasionally fire while both are slowly moving in.

Attacks: (max 200 words)  


Uses his shield to bash when an enemy gets close causing knock back/down.

He also has a grenade which causes the player to be stunned (if possible) or to be shocked.

If Vayaete dies Mercurius acts like a normal mob, charges in to kill an enemy.
If Vayaete dies Mercurius will get/use a pistol.


Shoots from behind the shield with a 1-2 second charge.

Fires a wide beam that causes a large explosion on impact and causes a short DOT in the affected area.

if a player gets behind Mercurius his shield, Vayaete will do an evasive roll and drop an electric/stunning bomb at the players feet.

If Mercurius dies Vayaete will try to maintain maximum distance from an enemy and occasionally instant fire her heavy rifle for less damage

Environment restrictions:  (max 20 words)
Rare spawns!

More on large open tiles.

(Optional) Art or Reference Images: (Max 3 images).


I'm not really a draw person so these are just random drawings, it's more about the 2 characters itself.




Don't bother the whole girl hair thing, I'm obsessed with long hair.

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Name Suggestion: Gravamen


Pronunciation: gruh-vey-muhn



1. the part of an accusation that weighs most heavily against the accused; the substantial part of a charge or complaint.


2. a grievance.



Behaviour: The Gravamen were engineered by Alad V after countless experiments with Tenno captives and volunteer Corpus Crewman. They are the first step to a means of eliminating the threat. The Gravamen tend to blend in with their environment from time to time so a player will barely know if they’re around. One way to know for sure is to reach a certain radius from them, which cause them to appear and attack you. It’s nearly impossible to outrun them when they are able to perform flips, wall runs and charge attacks like Tenno.


Attacks: They mimic players fight commands in close range combat making it a challenge to defeat them. They can be shot down from long range. If close range fire occurs they are able to deflect shots with their own melee weapons “The Grava.” They also carry their own customized automatic rifle, which can dish out heavy damage.


Environment restrictions:  None, they're a new means to eliminate the Tenno threat.


They appear at wave 15 during Defense. They will always be two levels above then the current Corpus level.


They appear after 15 minutes in Survival. They will always be two levels above then the current Corpus level.


When going to fight Alad V, there are a dozen of them that appear to stop you. Their levels vary depending on how many players are in a team and what equipment they have.


They appear in any Corpus mission.


Reference Images:




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Name Suggestion: Perculsus / Percutio

Behavior: This enemy, highly agile, likes to wallrun and wallclimb to jump down and strike enemies (like DERebecca did to DEMegan in the dojo on Primetime 28). Unlike the classic Corpus single visor visual system, this enemy has 2 seperate visors each going along the sides of the helmet and slightly curving to the front,greatly improving his visual capabilities. Due to their high agility they tend to be in a pack of 3 with usually no other Corpus in range, however that's not always the case.

Attacks: This Corpus enemy stores electrical energy in a unique dome piece atop his helmet. This electricity is channelled through the suit to allow him to use a move identical to Volt's Shock which can also channel through enemies. This enemy wield's a custom pair of Prova (Dual Prova) with increased attack speed. He applies melee 2.0 type combos when in close range. This enemy does not hold a gun.

Environmental Restrictions: This enemy prefers alot of walls yet still with big rooms. (Tower missions for example).

Image: I have a visual of his front side of helmet drawn out, but am stuck with only a ps4 and can't upload the pic. I will update asap.


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Behaviour: The newly developed REX MOA unit is a deadly force to be reckoned with alone and in groups. It patrols the vast expansive Corpus outposts and ship hangars of the frigates. It will often trample on the lesser MOA units should they get in the way. It acts as both a deadly weapons platform and a mobile shield for the crewmen. It is highly aggressive and can jump great distances with its powerful legs.


Environmental Restrictions: The REX can be found only in wide open spaces and planet tileset defenses at waves 20+



Attack 1: The REX MOA will fire both plasma miniguns at the target, the damage per bolt is low but the stun proc is high and can leave an unfortunate target stun-locked and open to further attacks.


Attack 2: The lightning tail whip will launch any target away from the exposed hind quarters of the unit, this deals moderate damage and has a chance to stun on hit.


Attack 3: The REX MOA will raise its leg and drop it down dealing AOE knockdown and high damage depending on the distance from the impact point.


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Name: Gecko

-The Corpus Gecko does exactly what its terrestrial analogue does. Climbs walls, hugs walls, climbs on ceilings.
-In response to Grineer aggression and increasing Grineer presence, the Corpus utilized the Hyena chassis to develop a smaller, more agile version. While lacking in heavy weaponry, it can certainly supplement and complement the firepower of other robotic proxies.
-The Gecko is capable of leaping from location to location, and has a tendency to be highly evasive of its possible opponents.
-The Gecko will cloak when not attacking for approximately 3-5 seconds. Its cloak is not perfect and does not shroud the robot completely.
-The Gecko is rather fragile, but can be a nuisance if left alone for too long

-The Gecko can be sometimes found in pairs, but this is an infrequent occurrence when they are present on the field.

-Disrupts Tenno radar via EMP disruptors, occasionally blurring/disrupting vision when in close proximity
-Fires a long-range electric arc weapon from its head (think UT2k4 Lightning Gun). It will stay still while firing. Getting hit by the arc weapon occasionally disables active powers (33% of the time), but does not drain energy.
-Uses a flashbang to escape death and cloaks itself -- The Flashbang component is emanated from the rotary section of the tail
-Can activate nearby security systems (when maintaining a direct line of sight), acting as a mobile camera

Environment Restrictions: None. It can be found anywhere during high alert states of security.


Its relative size is 1/3rd that of the Hyena and that of Zanuka, or I would think it is half the height of a labrador retriever with similar length.

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Name Suggestion: Corpus Engineer


Behaviour:  A Corpus crewman with a high tech backpack and a gauntlet-style device on his right hand. Cables run from the backpack to the gauntlet, along his arms. His jump-suit is Purple.

The Engineer rather not to get engaged in combat unless necessary, so he prefer to stay behind his fellow crewmen and moas, repairing them from a safe distance. 



Repair Beam - The Engineer's main "attack" is to heal nearby robotic allies. He projects a beam from his gauntlet which heals one ally. The ally benefit from rapid health regeneration as well as a powerful Proto shield for the duration.

The Engineer can move around when using it, although at a slower pace, and are capable of using it from behind cover. The shield and healing effect linger for 2 seconds after the repair beam is broken. A robotic ally being healed by several beams will receive benefits from all as the beam from several Engineers will stack.

Spectra - The secondary attack has the Engineer attacking his enemies with his trusty, albeit shortranged, Spectra. It is capable of dealing high slash damage and got a high slash proc rate. The engineer is also capable of pistol-whipping Tenno.


Environment restrictions: Does not spawn in environments where there are few robotic allies spawning.




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Behaviour:  Conscriptors are Corpus shocktroops, as such, they are equipped with Dual Cestras to supress enemies while they close in, and equipped with lecta to subdue and capture enemy crew.  Equipped with slightly heavier armor based on recently developed Oxcium technology, and using a propulsion system based off the repulsors used by the Ospreys, they are highly mobile indoors and outdoors, and able to move along walls and over terrain with impunity.

Attacks: Conscriptors usually work in small teams, typically 5 at a time.  When attacking an enemy position, they will typically have two of their number lay down supressing fire with their Cestras, while the other three use their jump packs to move in to melee range.  If they come under fire, the 3 assaulters will fire back, while the other two advance as well.  In melee, they will attempt to use their Lectas to herd opponents towards a corner or wall to restrict evasion, and will attempt to use the whip to trip and drag opponents as well.  If possible, they will try and cut off opponents from support.

Environment restrictions:  Rare in outdoors, uncommon in land facilities, common in spacecraft and invasions.

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Name Suggestion: Corpus Auxiliatrix

Behavior: This unit prefers to stay behind and repair damaged MOAs and heal injured Crewmen, but when engaged, it will not hesitate to engage in battle. Fast-moving and elusive, this unit is rather difficult to spot and pin down. However, when they are repairing units or healing allies, they are susceptible to damage. They are most susceptible to AoE attacks like Pull and Rhino Stomp. Refer to reference picture below for further information.


Melee attacks/Lecta attacks - When approached mid-range, Auxiliatrix units will engage in whip attacks, but when approached at close range, she will not hesitate to use hand-to-hand combat.

Corpus freeze gun - Can greatly slow down players. Used when approached from a distance.

Buff and Dispel - Can buff allies and dispel enemy buffs.

Repair and heal - These units can repair damaged robotics and heal human units up to 75% of their health.

Upgrade - Can upgrade robotics, from increased mobility to increased fire rate for weapons.

Environment restrictions: Not necessarily a restriction, but they are susceptible to ambushes in the open. They are also uncommon units.

Art or Reference Images:



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Name Suggestion: Corpus Operator


Behaviour: “Hard to Shoot, Easy to Melee”.
(Differs greatly from “Easy to shoot, why bother with melee”).
-Mostly stays out of melee state and acts as an acrobatic gunslinger using Dual Cestra's.
-Move's in and out of cover very swiftly. Rolls/butterfly kicks out of cover.
-Jacket covers alternate crewman armour underneath, Uses high shields Low armour.
-No faceplate for cover, but shields are supremely high to negate that.
-Actually crouches. To return fire occasionally. This Unit is always moving out of lines of fire.
-Very reckless and energetic.

-Uses shorter clip Dual Cestra's (Tenno upgraded it) When in the need of a reload unit will check their weapons by raising them, (quick chance to deal some damage) Then spin and put them away as they run and dive for cover.
-Often seemingly relentless. If she does a successful melee attack, she will throw a smoke bomb and run to the next cover.



-Reacts to player state of reloading. Will close the gap and superman punch player in the face with the Obex.
-Reacts to player revive: Will slide towards player (if in range) firing Dual cestra. Proceeds to uppercut Tenno in the face.
-After taking 3 staggers from a melee combo, Operator has a chance to backflip away avoiding further damage. If she does this however one of her cestra's will break and she will throw it to the ground.
-The damaged Cestra core is unstable and will explode eventually.
-Operator has a chance to call in a Lockdown of the tile. When they do this.. Other Corpus acknowledge the order and run for the switch. While this happens, Operator gets a boost to her fire rate and reload time and cover's the corpus manning the switch. Operator will scream a warcry when this happens! Melee to interrupt!
-If you sneak up on operator while she is in cover she will butterfly kick out of it, knocking you down. Then move to the next cover. Easily blockable however.


Environment restrictions: none.


Optional Art:



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And a quick reference of the Primus charging and its projectile.



Behavior: In combat a Dingo will attempt to fire its Primus from a distance before charging into the midst of battle. It will attempt to get as many targets in turret range as possible.

I picture Dingoes as moving similarly to the Big Dog robots from Boston Dynamics. They're a bit clumsy and lumbering but can move quickly in straight lines.


Environmental restrictions: none. Dingoes are very tall but the Corpus made sure they could still fit through doors.

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Name: Scarab


Behavior: The Scarab is a heavily-armored Corpus proxy that mixes powerful offense with an extremely durable defense.  On the offensive side it boasts a powerful energy canon that is deployed when its defensive abilities – raising its impenetrable metal shell after short animation, behind which allied Corpus Crewmen will take cover – are in use.  Movement speed is slow, but is a convergence point for nearby Corpus allies. While the shell is deployed, its only weak point is its exposed back, but when it is not deployed it is only vulnerable in its exposed eye.


Attack: Is only able to attack by deploying energy canon under shell.  Canon is powerful weapon with a mix of electric and blast damage – able to knock enemies down – that is lobbed like a Penta grenade and explodes on contract with terrain or hostiles - attacks do not harm fellow Corpus units. The canon can rotate 360-degrees to even attack enemies that maneuver behind it, as to not leave it completely vulnerable while its shield is up.


Environment Restrictions: None. Is small enough to fit inside Corpus ships and move around freely in them.




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An idea to possibly help promote / add depth to stealth gameplay...


Name: Warden Osprey


Behaviour: Used as a supplement to existing security systems, this Osprey variant is outfitted with a variety of enemy detection systems. It flies over wide areas and scans for enemy presence. When it detects an enemy, it locks onto it and follows it around, while also doing a couple of other things. Firstly, it behaves like a security camera and will activate nearby laser doors and turrets. Secondly, it shuts the target out from nearby terminals, preventing the affected target from hacking into them. This behaviour will continue as long as the Osprey has the target in its sights.


Attacks: Being an Osprey centered around surveillance and support, it has no direct attacks on its own. However, as stated it can utilize the location's security systems against its target.


Environment Restrictions: Most effective in large outdoor areas, preferably with plenty of turrets around.

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Name Suggestion: Corpus Taskmaster

Behavior: Primarily a melee unit armed with a Lecta. This female unit will attempt to get in close with enemies to attack and provide crowd control.

Attacks: Armed with a Lecta, and able to use whip combos (specifically knockdown attacks) and able to block/parry ranged attacks. Also capable of whipping targets and dragging them to her similar to Grineer Scorpions.

Environment restrictions: Any and all Corpus maps, grunt unit.

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Name Suggestion: (1-2 words max) Supply Crewman

Behaviour:  (max 200 words) 

- Stays in cover a lot more than the normal crewman and even more than the sniper crewman.

- Has strongest shields of all basic crewman(Prod, Sniper, Detron, Dera)

- Has an Aura that works like a Grineer Regulator boosting the Corpus Crewman units.

- Spawns together with a scavenger drone or two and directs them more towards drops.

- Drops more ammunition than regular crewman 2, maybe 3 drops at a time.

- Has a slightly higher chance to drop the rare resource of the planet.

- Has an extremely small chance to drop Ammo, Shield or Energy Restores(0.001%)

- When idle walks around scanning storage containers, crates, etc. with a wrist scanner.

- Low Spawn rate, spawns only rarely

- Wears a set of light oxium armour on torso and shoulders to protect it while moving supplies and from some of the more exotic Corpus merchandise

Attacks: (max 200 words)

-Firing a high powered- low caliber railgun called a Sigma.

-Using a pair of launchers can launch twin grenades which cluster(like Jackal's)

-Deployment of either Mine or Leech Ospreys.

Environment restrictions:  (max 20 words) 


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Name Suggestion: (1-2 words max)
Construction Crewmen


Behaviour:  (max 200 words)
Constructors are often found in space areas carrying or repairing ship’s infrastructure, but can also appear in Titan (exoskeleton) facilities carrying or pulling heavy objects. If they spot an enemy while carrying a heavy object they will immediately throw it at them, proceeding to rush toward their designed target whit large AoE swipes whit their arms, able to hit more than one enemy at a reasonable range.

When dealing whit ranged threats they cover themselves whit their massive hands.

They can also throw things from their surroundings, from barrels to even enemies!


Attacks: (max 200 words)
Pick and throw: Pretty straight forward, they can pick stuff from the environment and throw it at a ranged threat. This includes picking Explosive barrels, construction parts or even someone who gets too close! (Yep he can pick you and throw you toward your friends dealing damage not just to you but your friends as well.)

 Speed: Slow.

 Damage: High.

Strangely enough when selected as Leaders they only appear as Lifesteal Leaders.  


Environment restrictions:  (max 20 words)

construction sites on Corpus maps;

during early lvs of Defense or Survival missions near Pluto.


(Optional) Art or Reference Images: (Max 3 images).


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Name: URSA


Behaviour: The URSA proxy is essentially a giant moving barricade and weapons platform that synergizes with Crewmen by providing cover and having powerful weapons that must be manually operated. When the URSA comes within a reasonable range of the player, it will cease movement and "fortify" itself, indicated by the URSA stomping both it's front legs before sitting on it's stomach. Once situated, the armored plating on it's legs and carapace will generate an electromagnetic field that will completely mitigate all incoming damage (in short, it's nearly immune to frontal attacks).

-Additionally, it will become immune to just about all CC abilities in this state

-Corpus Crewmen will naturally use the URSA as cover in this state, as well as take advantage of the small arsenal of weapons available to them once it enters platform mode

-Because the URSA is nearly invincible from the front once it becomes situated, your best bet is to flank it. Once a player gets too close it or begins attacking it from the sides, it will disengage from platform mode and begin to move around

-It's attack pattern in Mobile mode is nearly identical to the MK1-Hyena



-Dual Repeaters: Twin energy chain-guns, essentially look like giant Cestras. They are surprisingly accurate and have seemingly endless ammo, allowing for heavy suppressive fire. This is the only gun the URSA can use on it's own and in it's "mobile" form.

-Burst Cannons: Two burst-fire cannons are built into the URSA's front legs, and can be operated by Crewmen when in Platform mode. Fires volleys of explosive projectiles similar to those used by the Raptor, with a moderate delay between bursts.

-Mortar Cannon: A Crewman-operated cannon that fires a mortar into the air that breaks apart into a salvo of mini-rockets. Rockets have a slight home-in curve and cover a massive area, making this attack extremely devastating.

-Shockwaves: Mobile mode only. Stomps it's front legs, creating two shockwaves in quick succession.


Environment Rescrictions: Due to it's large size, this enemy is mainly encountered on large, open tilesets like the Corpus Outpost.


Reference:The URSA bears a strong resemblance to the beta jackal from the original Dark Sector concept:

and an additional piece of hastily done concept art:
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Name: MHA (MillitaryHumanoidAndroid)


Behaviour: This heavy Corpus unit has the legs of a MOA and so it behave like one. It also has a high amount of shield. 


Attacks: It run towards a Tenno to stun him with its Amprex and then attacks him with it. If it gets electrical damage the Amprex also stronger. It can also stomp on the ground like a shockwave MOA but the range of the Wave isn´t as big.


Environment restrictions:  Itis usually found in every Corpus Enviroment.


Art or Reference Images:guLClTk.png

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Name Suggestion: Weaponized Ursidae


BehaviorAs the latest robotic weapons platform manufactured by the Corpus, the Ursidae fills the role as the front line spearhead construct. It will often be directed by Crewman or Techs to position itself between the enemy and themselves, and will not hesitate to charge into melee range upon detecting a threat. When moving to intercept, the Ursidae will use all four legs, but upon engaging, it will stand on two - becomming a physical shield for units behind it.  Any attempt to bipass the Ursidae and attack smaller targets or crewman will result in the Ursidae moving to intercept and attempting to knock down it's victim.


Vocal processors have been tuned to a lower frequency similar to that of the ancient bear creatures of Earth.


Attacks:  Like the MOA, the Ursidae will have a shoulder mounted weapon that will designate it's function. Shield Ursidae will come equipped with a standard Corpus projectile weapon, and will deploy an energy shield upon engaging the enemy. (Similar to Volt)


Cryo or Frost Ursidae will use a shoulder mounted cold-based gun designed to slow groups of enemies in front of it.


Blast Ursidae will have a modified version of the Penta Launcher that will fire grenades and detonate them a few seconds later (Giving Tenno time to avoid)


All Ursidae engaged in melee combat will have a punishing strike that deals impact and slash damage with such force that it will knock down it's target.


Environment restrictions: Similar to MOA, these will accompany any group of Corpus Crewman in all maps and planets. This new design also allows Ursidae to be stored in MOA lockers by simply folding the arms and head in upon itself - Powerful, and space saving!


(Optional) Art or Reference Images: 






**Cannon would be shoulder-mounted, not lower-back mounted

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Name Suggestion: Shock
Behavior: Armored unit with electric granades and stolen volt powers
Attacks: He can attack with granades- something like grineer traps, he can use the 1st and 3rd abilities of volt
Environment restrictions: Any and all Corpus maps.


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Corpus imitation warframes. 



Behavior Hunt in groups of four, prefer Handheld weapons. Agile versions of crewmen in tight fitting warframe imitations, occasionaly the higher leveled ones are with powers, though most rely on agility; Like half life 1's assassins. Might be androids rather than human; that detail doesn't realy matter. 


They come in four flavours


Lackey- Very low health and shields, very fast, very agile. Prefers handheld pistols

elite- prefers machinepistols and rifles. 

Sword- uses plasma sword

Heavy- Rhino sized, slow, likes the penta


attacks And of those flavours there's a chance that they have powers. Hurrah. Preferably ones that aren't going to make players cry, like mag's pull. More things like slashdash, fireball, volt's shield, vaubun's little electric mines. 


However, there are no perfect copies and No Imitation has the complete set of abilities or stats of a particular tenno warfame


Do I win for posting this early? I'm sure many have some similar ideas. All of Alad's work on valkyr and zanuka or just simply corpus security feed is enough to make the corpus want to invest in some new tenno-comparable soldiers. 



Preference for places in which acrobatics, jumping and speed realy shine. 

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I have nothing original to add D: 


Enemy name : Vanguard unit


Behaviour : used as a heavy offensive or defensive unit for the corpus. Moves a tthe same speed as a crewman despite it's size and weight.

 A secutity camera on its back than scans 360° around the Vanguard .( the camera beam rotates around it) . if it detects an enemy ( except cloaked) combat mode will activate. . The camera can be destroyed but the vanguard will be on its toes and search for enemies manually.



Attacks: It's a Mech. So basivcally from one arm it shoots penta grenades ( but the grenades behave like the TF2 demomans's in detonation time ) .  with the other it's 3 rotating Supra cannons ( A triple supra minigun) That deals a fricking lot of damage.

There would be a central cannon that would fire a railgun like laser for very long  range enmies. And for close range combat , the vanguard just smashes anything in its path.


 Spawning  only in open areas ( or at least places where it has enough space to move)



Art: not mine just an example of scale 





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