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Enemies Of The Tenno: Corpus Submissions

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Name Suggestion: Harbinger Exosuit


Behavior: This three meter tall mech was created by adapting the base moa design with the intent of producing a heavy unit that could counter Grineer assaults. Its thick armor is supplemented by a durable shield, and it's armed with support-grade weapons capable of clearing entire groups of light troops. The frame sports an agile design that allows the pilot to quickly maneuver. The mech's only notable weakness is the vulnerability of its cockpit, which can be ruptured under a sustained assault, exposing the unprotected pilot.


Attacks: The harbinger's primary weapon is a pulse laser cannon mounted to its shoulder. It also sports a plasma projector that can fire magnetically contained blasts of superheated plasma that explode on impact, ideal for engaging heavy units or groups of light units at range. While it lacks any direct melee capabilities, it can produce a wave of force energy that is able to stun or knock down enemies at close range.


Environment Restrictions: The harbinger's size prevents it from entering tight areas like ventilation shafts.





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Name Suggestion: The Sweetyman  Dhole


BehaviorA hulking Corpus behemeoth, the Dhole is a piloted mecha suit capable of absorbing massive punshiment and dealing it back to its adversaries. Covered in gleaming white Corpus metal, it has high armor values and a medium shield protecting the vulnerable pilot within. Towering over its companions, it is very conscpicuous and has Corpus symbols all over. Being a true bullet sponge, the Dhole punishes weapon spam but rewards strategic play and manouervering.


Attacks: The Dhole mostly fires Amprex-like shots sporadically. It isn't much of an offensive unit as a bullet sponge. When it is taking a certain amount of damage over time ( heavy fire ), it begins a special move. It stops attacking and instead begins to attract all projectile fire towards it. The Corpus use lasers which are unaffected. The attracted bullets gather in a clump around the Dhole, sort of like Bullet Attractor and Absorb combined. During this time, the Dhole and surrounding units are invulnerable to gunfire. After a certain duration, all the bullets are released back to their senders, dealing heavy damage based on the amount of damage prevented and applying a Magnetic status.


How does one kill this unit? The joints are especially weak and the entire unit is extremely slow. Kite it and aim for the legs for extra damage. When it is using its signature move, spam abilities or just ignore the Dhole. It has a high chance to drop the rare resources of its planet. When killed, the body of a Tech will collapse out of the cockpit and die.


Environment restrictions: Needs lots of room to spawn. Perhaps in peacetime it is used as a cargo loader, so it spawns in the big rooms with high ceilings in the Corpus ship and outpost tilesets.



(Optional) Art or Reference Images:







To fit the Corpus design it would more chunky and smooth and sorta... more boxy? Less doodads on the side, and white instead of black.




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Name Suggestion: Behemoth


A large (infested anncient in size) heavily amored and hunched over humanoid drone, set to guard vital areas or sent in as linebreakers the Behmoths tend to slowly patroll areas, when not alerted. Once a target is found they advance upon enemies, letting their shields and armor soak up any incomming fire, while using its armored arms to protect its eye, laying down supportive fire with its shoulder cannon.


Attacks:  Armed with a heavy shoulder cannon, the Behmoth prefers to slowly advance on targets letting their cannon do the work. Able to fire a high density blast that will knock down any tenno hit, or as a mortar shell that explodes upon impact they are able to acount for most situations. If any Tenno is foolish enough to get to close these drones are able to pounce short distances dealing high amounts of dmg,


Environment restrictions:  Any area large enough to accomodate its bulk


(Optional) Art or Reference Images: http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h21/Langrisser_Chaos/100_2534_zps4a0bffe6.jpg

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Sorry for my bad english, hope it will be understandable.


Name Suggestion: Stilt troopers


BehaviorThis corpus unit wear a "backpack" with mechanic leg or "tentacle", this pack is a proxy fused with their neural system and contain an oxium core to allow better maniability, the mechanical feet are magnettised so they can work in space or walk on wall and roof. The 2 upper leg work like shockwave moa's leg.


The troopers works by team of 4 or 5 members and are equiped with tetra, double cestra and a plasma shotgun, sometime a lone trooper can fight with fellow crewmen and act as inspiration to them. Rumor speak about stilt troopers acting alone as elite shooter, these soldier would  use a snipetron and hit the highest positions.


Attacks: As team, they fight like other corpus unit and use their gun, if cornered or atacked in mélée they use their stomp to stun their foe and take some distance to use their weapon


Alone or with corpus crewmen, they fight in first line, in that case they often use  plasma shotgun


As sniper, they take position at the highest place possible and shot ennemy from there.


Environment restrictions:  Corpus environment and orokin ground


(Optional) Art or Reference Images: corpus10.jpg

art done with daz studio 3

ressource: aiko 3, shukky's spacesuit, iceboy's helmet, 3dc scifi corridor, mechanismo spider leg, evil elliot's eva helmet.

Background made with bryce.

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Name: The Avenger

Behavior: Avengers are usually to see near the Prod Crewmen: they commit melee troops to frontal attack, leading them.

Attacks: Avengers use Obex as a main weapon. Their attacks are much slower than Tenno's; damage, however, is highly increased.

After seeing a nearest visible enemy the Avenger can use an ability similar to Rhino's Charge (targets take impact damage and can be knocked down; taken damage is a bit less than the original ability deals).

While being low on health, the Avenger activates an explosive choker, killing himself and damaging the area around (in this case players don't get affinity for its defeating).

It's preferred to avoid close combat during a fight against the Avenger.

Environment restrictions: none.


Image (drawn by me): UlQOeKt.png?1

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Name: Corpus Pacifier
Behavior: A mass produced MOA-type unit that is specified for close quarters combat. Having an improved range of sight to spot enemies from afar, it acts as a mobile corpus camera, alerting all the enemies within the tile set it spawned. Despite its hulking features, it is quite agile, able to close the gap between intruders in a relentless fashion (swerves right to left and vice-versa to throw off long range enemies), gaining momentum for its attack. Cannot be knocked down. 
(passive) Similar to the Toxic Ancients' passive poison DoT, it deals lightning damage instead (with a chance to proc for the shock status) within 0.90 - 1.00 M.


Upon detection, it charges towards the player, if successful, it knocks down the player and increases the time for knock down recovery. Players can shoot its legs to stop its momentum.


Environmental Restrictions: Corpus Snow maps and the gas city tileset. (To highlight it's capability of "dodging" or the swerving part during its charge)



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Name:Tech Moa


Behavior: This Moa enemy type combine the Plasma gun and Railgun together and link 3 of them in one Heavy Moa,Make this enemy being a strong heavy.



 Heavy Impact:Stuns the enemy nearby by stomp

 Charged Plasma:Shot a Trio Railgun bullet after shoot a triple bullet three times.


Environment Rescrictions:

 This enemy will not be spawn on the invasion operations


Optional Art:



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Name:Mad Scientist

Behaviour: This enemy uses experimental weapons to incapacitate teeno skills and empower outer enemys

Attacks:  lock teeno harm(disable the arm of teeno making he use only one weapon, the secundary and imposing some skill restriction), lock teeno leg (disable the teeno movment he canot move anymore but has all weapons and skills assecible, and can use them to move), lock room(blocks all dorrs of the room and they will only open when the sicentist is dead). Relive turrents(ressurect turrents of the ship). Empower (restict self move to empower one enemy)

Environment restrictions: Only in the close quarters, in places where can have turrents, and where teenos will have problems if the loked.

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Security Engineer

Coward. Will evade combat and hide behind allies. Will roam near consoles and "panic buttons". Have escort (1 basic MOA or Crewman). By default, hides in the small rooms, checking consoles or other systems. Will go out of hiding if the alarm was triggered. Will stay even when alarm was disabled, checking "Panic Buttons" (paranoic distrust of monitoring tech)

This is close combat controller unit. Have weak energy pistol but will drop it after a few shots.
Can hack warframe's targeting systems (noisy screen) and communications ("killing" the textchat and adding distortions and noise to voicechat) for every player in the current room. Systems will restore normal functionality after death of Security Engineer or leaving the room.
Will alert allies in the ajaced rooms (If given enough time for work with the consoles)
Will activate the Laser Gates (like camera detectors). Gates will stay on until the death of Engineer.
In close combat can infect warframes with the computer virus temporary disabling Tenno's ability to aim (player can still try hip shooting)
His tactic algorytm is: Activate alarm, then hide, waiting for the perfect monment to sneak on Tenno and make the teamwork difficult.
Can run very fast due to using heavy stimulants

Environment restrictions:
Ships and Bases. Doesn't like open spaces (a little agoraphobic).

His skin is light blue with visible veins due to heavy usage of stimulants


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Name: Guard Bot

Behaviour: waits behind walls and corners to attack incoming enemies with a stronger, faster and bigger Version of the Dera.

If his magazine is empty, he flees and reload his magazine. After that he will continue to attack. Because of his size he attacks enemies in smaller corridors with cover fire to support his alias.

The Guard Bot can use his jumppad to jump over smaller rifts to continue his pursue.


Primary: Giant laser. Fires with his both giant lasers (in air it have a knockdown effect).

Secondary: Cover fire. Fire his laser all over the place to support his comrades.


Spawns rarely in smaller corridors. Preferred big rooms and land scapes (earth, asteroid, etc.)



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Name Suggestion: Rhino / Bull

Behaviour: 6 legs: run on 4 and jumps with the last 2; On the front Plated Armor with Shield; On the back totally exposed with a smoke launcher to flee or give time to retry another assault. His aim is to scatter, slow and expose Tennos to Corpus gunfire.

Attacks: Rush/Jump into a group of Tennos.


1- If a Tenno is hit, he keep running until he reaches an obstacle and stun/stagger him on it.

2- If he receives damage in the back, he launches smokes, then a- turnaround and restart his attack pattern b- flee

3- If the ceiling is high enough, he use his two other legs to jump (like a grasshoper) and create a shockwave on arrival. pushing close tenno and add a slow(or stagger) debuff. Stay idle fot 15 sec to recover, else it won't be fair.


Environment restrictions: Yes, no spawn in small rooms or outside.

Optional Art:

He looks like an umbrealla for a head with 4 legs like a centaur, and 2 grasshoper legs, and cables on the back for the smoke. His head is full of flickering light to taunt tennos.

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In an effort to break up mindless slaughter and encourage skill and tactics...


Name: Blast quadroped.


Behavior: A miniboss CC unit. Behaviour should be offensive suppression. Weak when it comes to damage, this unit should spawn with a group (not a big group) of Close Range/Melee enemies (Shotgunners, Mellee, Mine Ospreys). Should move at a slower speed than most Coprus.


This robot should prioritize players that are closer to each other (Priority lvl1). Players with high DPS should be prioritized (Priority lvl2). Players with high DPS weapons should be prioritized (Priority lvl3).


After each attack, successful or not, the robot should reveal a weak spot. Shooting it should mitigate it's armour completely and do double damage.


Unit should have no shields and high armour. Plates covering the weakspot should be penetrable with punch-through when closed.


Unit should be mission-ruining if left unattended, but easy enough to control. Design is to disable effectiveness of OP builds mindlessly spraying/ability spamming everything without care for what they shoot, as well as prevent rushing past hordes.


Scaling should increase HP (maybe slightly: armour, but it should be very high at all levels) until level 20. After level 20 scaling should only reduce the charge time of attacks. At levels 30+ the attack should also empty all of player's magazines.



Blast: Main attack. Upon selecting a player, the robot starts to charge an attack into a relatively small ball on it's head. Charge has 2 phases (indicated by sound/colour). Phase one lasts for 90% of the charge time. If the ball is shot in Phase 1 it will discharge early, but double delay before next shot. Phase two is the last fraction of a second before shooting. If the ball is shot in Phase 2, it will explode upon the robot, dealing Impact damage to and ragdolling all enemies around the robot.


If the robot shoots this attack (early or full), it should arrive as a hit-scan on a targeted player and explode outwards from the player, knocking down the targeted player and all players near him/her. 


Defensive blast: Secondary attack. Frequent pulses with knock down if the players are in melee range. Blocking in Melee mode mitigates the knockdown. Note: KNOCKDOWN. Not repulsion. Players should be knocked off their feet, not moved.


Environment restrictions:

Avoid multi-floor area spawns.

No MOAs/Long range crewmen allowed on the field while it's alive.



Visual reference: No need. Just use a slightly scaled down Jackal model. Re-texture it maybe.




PLEASE select the ones which improve gameplay, not the ones that just "sound cool" or are very detailed. Warframe's biggest problem is how gameplay not different enough. Depth is not relevant in combat because enemies are not different enough. We need something to break up the pace, the monotony, add challenge while having not huge DPS/Armour and unfair AoE like Napalm, but something that is on one hand difficult to defeat through just raw DPS and powers, yet easy to defeat with actual thought and smart gameplay execution. That was my philosophy behind the robot, if you are wondering.


Really, I couldn't care less how amazing the thing looks, if it can make missions and encounters feel more different from each other, I will take that any day. And trust me: most players will do the same. Cuz after doing the a mission for 1000 times, you don't care how the enemy looks anymore. You only care about having a fresh experience.

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Name: The Legionnaire


Behavior: Beware Tenno, the Legionnaires are a heavy version of the crewmen. The Legionnaires use a long staff (Bo) with base electricity damage that will stun you. The Legionnaires are only dangerous at close range but before attacking with their staff, they unleash a EMP that attacks your shields and stuns you.


Attacks: The Legionnaires attack with their staffs (Bo) embedded with electrical damage that can stun Tennos, they can unleash a EMP which will attack the Tenno shields and stun them.


Environment restriction: None

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Name Suggestion: Corpus Ops (Anti-Tenno)




-Corpus with special training to fight the tenno.

-Trained in the art of the sword, firearms handling, very agile and fearless.

-This only appears when the alarms are activated.

-Usually walk in teams of 3 members.




-Change weapon: They can change weapons between a melee weapon and a firearm.

-Repel bullets: Repels bullets when they equipped melee weapon.

-Special melee combat: Melee combos. (magnetic damage)

-Laser gun: shoots 3 pellets that bounce off the walls and floor. (Corrosive damage)

-Camouflage contour:  becomes translucent. not disappear completely


Environment restrictions:  only appears in ships corpus or City Gas





The design is rather simple, really almost nothing changes in the design corpus for lack of time, whatever you can imagine.

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Name: Corpus Corporal

BehaviorThe Corpus Corporal ("CC" for short) has a chance of spawning after alarms have been active for more than thirty seconds, increasing with every camera spotting you to an absolute 100% on door lockdown.
Taking an operative role in repelling the Tenno attackers, he can manually trigger laser barriers as well as turrets, and give the turrets a massive shield and damage boost by rerouting power through the structure.
This will serve as an incentive to hack the Corpus defenses in a mission. The Corporal moves very quickly around the map.
He also calls in higher-level reinforcements, mainly robotics. You will know of his presence through the facility/ship loudspeaker system or transmissions.
Upon detection the CC will at first run away from you, letting the lower ranks take care of business while he keeps his shields up.
Should a majority of Crewmen in the same room as him be killed, he will switch into fighting mode, which lowers his high movement speed to Corpus Target-levels.

Attacks: The CC wields a Cestra and a powerful Shield Generator, as well as Magnetic Grenades.
He throws grenades frequently and actively tries to outmaneuver the Tenno, yelling for MOA and Osprey backup.
The Corporal can supercharge his Cestra in order to increase damage capabilities, draining power from his own shields in the process and knocking Tenno back.
While his shields are down it's the perfect time to attack him, but it must be done carefully or you'll risk getting downed quickly.
If you get within melee range he'll cause an electric surge from his Shield Generator, functioning the same way that an exploding Arc Trap does (a continuous burst doing damage, no arcing bolts)
When killed the turrets and laser barriers will revert to normal, after hacking a panel.

Environment restrictions: Corpus tilesets only, should not spawn in Survival.

Reference Images:

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Name Suggestion: the punished

Behavior:      These units are grineer captives that have been experimented on by Alad V. They are a fusion                          of grineer, corpus, and tenno technology. Twice the size of a rhino with the speed and agility loki. they have their own version of sentinel (large shield osprey that also fires a minigun) they can move just like the tenno. they also have a grineer jet pack. 

Attacks:       they use a grineer primary, and use fist and feet melee, can deflect bullets with melee just like tenno. they can use rhino stomp, smoke screen, radial blind, and snow globe

Environment restrictions: none. 

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Name Suggestion: Riot Moa


Behavior: Riot Moa spawn upon the first detection of Tenno, then later lock-downed areas, and various hallways and corridors, however they can be found in other circumstances irregularly. Their main purpose is to block the Tenno from advancing, with either heavy artillery fire or physically bashing the Tenno back if they get within melee range. While in walker mode they can only walk, being unable to run or maneuver easily. It primarily walks only to relocate.


Attacks: While in walking mode, Riot Moa can only attack with their back-mounted cannon. When taken position in bunker mode the Riot Moa can attack with both the cannon and missile artillery simultaneously and is its main form of attack. If a Tenno were to attempt to melee the Riot Moa whilst in bunker mode from the front, the Moa will bash the Tenno away knocking them down. Specific points on the Moa must be attacked to kill it, its riot shields are impenetrable but not its body.


Environment restrictions:  Various man-made tile sets. Won't be found earth/land-bound. Any mission type. Uncommon enemy.




Individual Thread - https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/231058-the-riot-moa-corpus-concept-artwork-included/

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Name: Battle-suit MOA


Behaviour: This large battle-suit that encases a Corpus pilot is slow and lumbering. Due to its immense amount of health, armour and a deployable shield it is a tank soaking up all the damage and providing cover for its comrades. It uses an unstable reactor so when it dies it will explode violently. It has boosters on its back that allow it to jump short distances (across gaps or up cliffs). To use its twin burst canon volley that shreds through flesh it forfeits its large shield arm, compromising its body and head protection.



Right Arm: Large Shield (physical armour) to protect the majority of its body (like a Grineer shield lancer).

                   Burst canon volley (laser Gatling guns) has to move its shield.

Left Arm: Heavy Gauss Canon, high damaging radiation or magnetic AoE damage. Requires a lot of energy and charge up time, very obvious when it's about to attack with it, can be interrupted by hitting a vent or pipe.

Shoulder: Small rocket pod and drone dispensers.

Back: Jet Boosters for short jumps.


​Environment Restrictions: Due to its large size it is only found in large rooms (hangers, etc.) and outside.



(Not my art)XV104_Riptide_Battlesuit_2.jpg

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Name Suggestion: Corpus Mule

Behavior: Does not aggro players unless provoked or caught on cameras. Tends to stay in the back or middle of large columns of Corpus. The Corpus Mule can move 360 degrees without having to turn around to walk backwards.

Attacks: Melee kicks from its four Moa-like legs, can charge players and knock them down, or do a jump and smash attack. It carries on it massive batteries/fuel canisters/explosive stuff so when the Corpus Mule is destroyed, it detonates or if shooting the batteries/canisters directly on its unprotected sides, can detonate.

Environment restrictions: Defense and Mobile Defense.

(Optional) Art or Reference Images:



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Behaviour: The newly developed REX MOA unit is a deadly force to be reckoned with alone and in groups. It patrols the vast expansive Corpus outposts and ship hangars of the frigates. It will often trample on the lesser MOA units should they get in the way. It acts as both a deadly weapons platform and a mobile shield for the crewmen. It is highly aggressive and can jump great distances with its powerful legs.


Environmental Restrictions: The REX can be found only in wide open spaces and planet tileset defenses at waves 20+



Attack 1: The REX MOA will fire both plasma miniguns at the target, the damage per bolt is low but the stun proc is high and can leave an unfortunate target stun-locked and open to further attacks.


Attack 2: The lightning tail whip will launch any target away from the exposed hind quarters of the unit, this deals moderate damage and has a chance to stun on hit.


Attack 3: The REX MOA will raise its leg and drop it down dealing AOE knockdown and high damage depending on the distance from the impact point.


*GASP* This is Derf Anyo's STEED!

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Name Suggestion: Corpus Drifter



Phases through walls and other obstacles like an electro-aetherical ghost, attacking its enemies without alerting its allies. The Corpus Drifter is unable to maintain shields and armor whilst phasing through objects so try lure it into some waist high crates.



1 - Life Drain. Corpus Drifter lunges forward taking 20% of victim(s)'s HP and instantly restoring 30% of nearby ally's shields.

2 - Energy Draw. Whilst phasing near Tenno, the Corpus Drifter drains Tenno's energy, thereby replenishing its own HP.


Environment restrictions:

Corpus Maps only (regardless of contoling faction).


Art or Reference Images: Go watch Marvel's / Disney's "The amazing Spiderman". Drifter should look like Electro.


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Name: URSA


Behaviour: The URSA proxy is essentially a giant moving barricade and weapons platform that synergizes with Crewmen by providing cover and having powerful weapons that must be manually operated. When the URSA comes within a reasonable range of the player, it will cease movement and "implant" itself into the ground, indicated by the URSA stomping both it's front legs before sitting on it's stomach. Once situated, the armored plating on it's legs and front will generate an electromagnetic field that will completely mitigate all incoming damage (in short, it's immune to frontal attacks).

-Additionally, it will become immune to just about all CC abilities in this state

-Corpus Crewmen will naturally use the URSA as cover in this state, as well as take advantage of the small arsenal of weapons available to them once it enters platform mode

-Because the URSA is nearly invincible from the front once it becomes situated, your best bet is to flank it. Once a player gets too close it or begins attacking it from the sides, it will disengage from platform mode and begin to move around

-It's attack pattern in Mobile mode is nearly identical to the MK1-Hyena



-Dual Repeaters: Twin energy chain-guns, essentially look like giant Cestras. They are surprisingly accurate and have seemingly endless ammo, allowing for heavy suppressive fire. This is the only gun the URSA can use on it's own and in it's "mobile" form.

-Burst Cannons: Two burst-fire cannons are built into the URSA's front legs, and can be operated by Crewmen when in Platform mode. Fires volleys of explosive projectiles similar to those used by the Raptor.

-Mortar Cannon: A Crewman-operated cannon that fires a mortar into the air that breaks apart into a salvo of mini-rockets. Rockets have a slight home-in curve and cover a massive area, making this attack extremely devastating.

-Shockwaves: Mobile mode only. Stomps it's front legs, creating two shockwaves in quick succession.


Environment Rescrictions: Due to it's large size, this enemy is mainly encountered on large, open tilesets like the Corpus Outpost.


Reference:The URSA bears a strong resemblance to the beta jackal from the original Dark Sector concept:



i like this but this sounds more of a jackal 2.0 type of thing which would be AWESOME

i love this one whether it can become jackal 2.0 or a non-boss mob!

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Name: Corpus Tank

Behavior: A driven tank usually driven by Corpus Crewman which use it's heavy shell to obliterate most non-tank Tenno on the battlefield.

Attacks: Firing a heavy shell at long range which causes MASSIVE impact and fire damage, It also has a mounted Supra near the barrel of the tank used for extra fire power.

Environment: Corpus Defense Missions (Wave 25), MD (Open/Outside areas only) Exterminate (Rarely) and Survival




Something almost identically similar to this but more Corpus oriented.

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