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Hotfix 13.2.4


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Added in additional Female Hostage with accompanying Voice Over’s and Transmissions.




Added numerous game play elements to the Shipyards Rescue tilesets including additional ziplines, sensors, and force fields. Also tweaked the placement of Arc Traps to prevent them from damaging door sensors.

Any Rescue 2.0 mission will provide a Specter Blueprint reward based on the points received as per the 13.2.0 table.  

Reduced the number of AI that spawn and general difficulty of the V.Prime Rescue missions.

Reduced the amount of distortion seen in Volt's shield ability.

New Panic Button icon color changes! These icons will now appear white on the minimap under stealth conditions, but will now change to yellow to indicate when the level has gone into lockdown.

Reduced the selling price of Specter Blueprints to 500 credits.




Fixed an issue with Helmet Conversion blueprints switching your currently equipped helmet from an Arcane helmet to the default helmet.

Fixed a number of lighting issues in the Forest Defense tileset.

Fixed an issue with incorrect Voice Over’s playing when the Rescue target is released.

Fixed an issue with Cell Doors leading to the Rescue hostage being able to be opened despite the mission being failed. This would cause delays in the proper level shutdown process when executed.

Fixed an issue with enemies spawning in as already aware, thus preventing stealth in Rescue missions.

Fixed an issue with Nekros' Shadow of the Dead ability providing extra points for Resurrected Warden.

Fixed a number of map holes in the Shipyards tilesets.

Fixed an issue with Rescue targets not properly appearing when spawning into a specific holding cell.

Fixed an issue with Helmets with Stats (Arcane) still being available in certain Market Bundles.

Fixed an issue with initial trade offers failing inexplicably when attempting to trade helmets that the player already owns.

Fixed an issue with certain damage volumes in the Forest tileset being a little too large and causing unintended damage.

Fixed an animation issue related to performing a slide while dual wielding.

Fixed an issue with Rescue 2.0 rewards not being properly calculated and doled out.

Fixed an issue with players getting permanently stuck if knocked down and killed in the same attack.

Fixed an issue with not being able to properly craft Specters in the Foundry.

Fixed issue with Specter spawning logic on the Solar Rail missions. Currently, having an army deployed will affect Specter spawn rates as follows:

-No army: 2 active at any given time.

-Army: 4 active, with the amount of eligible conflicts determined by the rank of the Army.  

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Redtext recap ;3

Chat doesn't show the entire thing, had to make 2 separate shots, sorry for the the repeated phrase in the middle.
(and I was to lazy to edit it so deal with it :P)

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-No army: 2 active at any given time.
-Army: 4 active, with the amount of eligible conflicts determined by the rank of the Army.  

So.... 99% of the times we will ONLY see 2 specters i n the whole long and boring MD? Its extremely unlikely that everyone has armies of expensive specters deployed for each conflict.

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