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Warframe Slot Pl Increase?



I am not sure if this was documented or not, or if this is just how it works...

The other day before the 7.7 Update I had used a small handful of my platinum to buy Warframe Slots. Which are 12 a piece. Buying myself two more slots, I decided to check back today and it seems the PL has increased from 12 to 20?

Does it increase after every two or is this just a undocumented change like the Paris Colors?

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You guys sure? Because my PL was 40 something. I only bought two warframe slots recently. So I shouldn't have 10 PL left.

I have no extra weapon slots either.

Mmm. no my PL was 50. So yeah, it would be ten.

Im a derp. I mustive done it when it was like... 6am and I hadn't slept... Like now.

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