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Party Time!


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Hey all you gamers!! im starting up this stream for the average gamer, unlike myself, haha.. but no the point of this if for all those unnoticed player comments to be seen!! maybe the developers will find this forum stream and get some unique ideas for updates and add-ons.. so post away about what you like and dislike.. what you would love to see added or change.. i know as well as everybody else does.. WE ALL WANNA BE HEARD!!!

So far this game has brought tremendously amazing stuff coming out of the waterworks.. but like all games it still as improvements needing to made... I personally love the over all gameplay, and concept of the story. also the mod system, even though it has its kinks is going along well amoung the gaming comunity.. but there is something i would honestly like to see.. Maps! and more Maps!! i know it takes a while just to create one map.. but if the develops got an in-depth idea, or basically a verbal layout of a map. the process could be quicker... come on people what would you like to see map wise?.. also maybe they should think about, down the road, a PVP!! who wouldn't enjoy that?

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