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i have been farming frost since i joined... yea aint wokring so well have damn near a maxed shield and health card half way maxed armor and still cant do S#&$ with this recent update they need to fix their S#&$ before its to late... that is if it isnt already

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Says has been farming frost since joined, has been a member for 9 days...

Even if you some how managed to get to the frost boss on day one and again some how managed to kill him in a reasonably amount of time to farm it that isn't really all that long. My friends and I have been doing runs there every now and then to get the BP's since WE started playing and we only just got the last BP two days ago.

TL;DR RNG should make it so you do 30 runs on average, but some people get really lucky and only need 3 which means by law of averages some people get unlucky and will need to do 90+ runs.

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been trying to get trinity and banshee since i started playing.

right now i have ember and saryn(to be finished in 1 day)

still missing trinity system, and all banshee parts.

the game just likes to &!$$ you off. although in this case i can say screw trinity and banshee cause i fallin in love with saryn

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