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Unkillable Last Thing In Defense Missions


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usually the inside ship defense mission gets more or less often that last thing you can not kill because you cant spot it

my solution was AoE but even that fails sometimes (infestation)

sometimes i just got fooled by a flyer but infestation have nothing flying wave 3 i guess

didnt play many different maps yet - only the snow map and the inside ship one - and it only happens when i play the inside maps

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Yeah i've had this problem with the map that's inside and has the broken elevator shaft for the sniper loft. The worst one I've experienced was a Charger was underneath the floor in a corner, but at the same time it was under a cargo container so it was very hard to find and kill. Me and 2 others were just jump-attack spamming around it and after about 5 min of doing so were able to kill it. Only way we could see it was on the map and every now and then it would show a tiny part of itself through the floor. I haven't seen one that was just unkillable yet though.

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