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Developer Livestream: April 10Th At 2:00 Pm Est.


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Q. Any plan on giving the option of starting online games from the very begining? or giving online party matching options to find a group with the same goal (eg expore/kill eveything/run-through-missions.)

Q. Lag is ruining some ( / too many) games, other bugs I can see you fixing [still too many host migration errors still but these can be fixed] but are their plans to sort out joining games that lag (due to using peers as hosts)?

Q. Do you lot sleep? Updates have been comming out very quickly, a good thing seeing the list of beta bugs dropping so fast. :)

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Q.1) Will card fusion be the only way to enhance weapon/warframe or will there be a new enhancement system in the future?

-would luv to heard more on this subject.

Q.2) Is there a possible PvP, PvE or Boss Raid system?

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Question: What do you think is the most outstanding feature in Warframe that would make a consumer want to buy it over other games of this genre?

What is with questions like this?

You may as well be saying "Please say good stuff about your game."

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Do you plan on making the amount of stuff it takes to make a warframe without having to pay plat for it? Currently you have to grind hours upon hours just to get the right chasis and then build them which you have to grind more parts for and then on top of that 30k each part. Then after you have all the parts its another 30k and 3 days to wait for the war frame. Do you guys have any plans on fixing this to make it less time consuming and costly then just paying platinum for it?

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1. Can we expect to see more planet based missions other than snowy frozen worlds and spaceships? (Even on the current planet based missions, you just end up inside a complex that has the feel of just another space ship... need variety, jungle maps maybe??).

2. Do you plan on incorporating some sort of PvP.

3. Can we expect to see clan missions and a home base or ship of some sort?

4. In what direction is this game going? So far their is no story, just do missions and kill bad guys for lotus...

5. What are the tenno fighting for?

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On Polarity Slots

Question: Are you thinking of creating more variety in polarity slots across the frames?

Reason: I've noticed certain frames have 2 of the same polarity slot (Banshee, Ash) which really limits what mods you can slot in them. (Banshee/Ash for example all you can place in them is Power Duration and Power Strength)

My solution: Make every frame have 2 Ability Polarity slots, 1 Defensive Polarity Slot, 1 Attack Polarity Slot and 1 Utility Polarity slot. This way each frame would only have 5 polarity slots and all frames have the same polarity slots but be able to be customized with whichever mods the player feels are necessary. (More of the same polarity slots only limits customization)


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My question is more a personal question rather than about the game but here goes -

Q - What control setup do you guys use in game?

I remember at the beginning of that gameplay video you guys did you all seemed to be changing your setup before heading into battle :P

I myself use a wonky setup which people always think I'm weird for lol.

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How will combat mechanics be altered to create a fundamentally more engaging game, with the aim of increased player retention independent from changes to grinding, farming, or leveling?

At present, players must grind or pay money to acquire new weapons. While this model is virtually mandatory for a free-to-play game, it makes the act of experimentation incredibly expensive (or time-consuming). What alterations will be made that allow first-day, non-monetizing players to freely experiment with their configuration and find the build that best matches their playstyle?

Why are there level restrictions on the Boltor, Hek, Rhino, Boar, Gorgon, Gram, and other such weapons? A player can buy a Braton with Platinum to bypass the credit grind, and begin leveling the weapon immediately. Why does a 'no newbie' zone exist within the weapon set?

What will be done to balance 2-man, 3-man, and 4-man cooperative runs against solo runs, to yield similar difficulty for all players regardless of the number of players in the encounter?

How will difficulty as per ascending level encounters be balanced, independent from enemy HP, enemy DPS, and enemy count in combat?

Is Warframe going to become a level-centric MMO with ancilliary point-and-shoot mechanics, or a skill-centric shooter with an ancilliary leveling system?

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Q1:did you think about making giant bosses big like in Shadow of the Colossus,with random weak spots for uncover?

Q2:what are chances that we gonna see friendly bases(in any form) scatered all over galaxy and be able to talk with npc to collect quests that will lead us through several locations,and not only that...merchants,Tenno temple,foundrys,local pubs too,where i could buy drink to fellow tenno :)

Q3.ancient city,neocity,desert,jungle,underwater maps will that happen?maybe with hazard elements,traps that would be cool

Q4.new objetives?

Q5.do you plan to expand story and campaign in a way to make it more personal,maybe with some choices?

Q6.thermal vision mod?

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how about a vote kick system, maybe change some of the lotus's speech alot of it doesnt make sence, increase to melee weapon dmg for a ninja game based on the melee system i believe they should be able to out dps some of the guns, rats i had another suggestion but alas it has slipped my mind....lol

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Q1: Will there be animations for the hek shotgun being pumped? You hear the pump action but you don't see the animation of your character pumping the rounds in the chamber. If not, than can you please remove the pump action sounds since that would make the hek a semi-auto instead of a pump action.

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my questions:

- when do you expect to move from beta stage?

- will we see/meet/kill something from tenno past? perhaps some "scrolls" with remnants of history can be found during missions

- will orokin return?

- Hey Lotus, what is the size of your bra? jk. can we meet her ingame?

- can we get:

- more addons to warframe design besides helmets? boots, gloves, torso armor...

each with own mod slots. this should add variety to a) visual style of players b) characteristics/stats/upgrading possibilities

- finishing moves? with instant rewards like health, affinity, ammo...

- different hacking puzzles?

- mods for modifiyng firing mode?

- boomerang as weapon?

- combat in space/outside of the base (dead space style)

- people that are connected to my session visibly sitting next to me and looking at solar system? similar to opening scene in update 7 trailer.

- ability to see stats of players in mission? rank, powers, weapons. it's nice to know with whom i'm working...

- option to pay with credits for warframes currently available only for plat, but perhaps with limited skill selection, or rent it for one day (in a month), to find out what is that rhino all about. same for other equipment.

- android app for tenno managment, mod fusion during commute, alerts, chat...

- can we get road map for upcoming months? at least in general way? for example: update 8 is about clans, update 9 is going to be about...

- more env hazards? for example: spots of radiation from sun (avoid lightspots)? strong wind areas (slows you down in one direction, speeds you up in other. shakes your targeting reticule). Lightning arcs progresing through corridor (think powerplant in matrix), tenno need to wait till it disipates, jump over, slide under or shoot a switch. Areas/levels with different gravity(higher jumps/shorter jumps with heavy impact, longer/shorter sprints, perhaps level oriented upside down, or on a side). all this to add some different gameplay to killing.

- open space environment? like desert dotted with large rocks formations, area limited and divided by lava/acid flow or by abyss, dense fog adds drama to the situation. enemies are coming from all sides, tenno stand back to back....

- alerts as multistage affair with multiple missions to complete? with increasing difficulty and reward, without possibility to opt out ( = mission fail). for example, chasing some high level grineer through system. Perhaps with time limit for each section, because, of course, he swallowed a metabomb :) or he has blueprints for metabomb and lotus wants it. oooor it is a trap and he is leading you to the lair of his grineer boss :)

- prerecorded voice commands? wait, help, reloading, gtfo...

- is there chance for non-employees to create/participate on tile sets creation in some kind of crowdsourcing? Love this game, but monotony drags me down. Will work for platinum :)

- customization idea: give player a choice of logo or symbol and that can be seen ingame under the player, similar to selection circle in realtime strategies. easier to tell apart three gray excaliburs that way...

- while this game is in distant future, general layout of levels is quite conservative by today standards. can we get more spatially challenging levels? with great vertical difference between sections? Perhaps something escheresque, think inception, with folding effect already finished? or maybe on a surface of smallera asteroid where horizont is quite close.

Aaanyway. Love this game.

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This game will will take thousands of hours of my time, and it's already taken a good bit of my money XD

I have one single question: Do you plan on adding truly dynamic and unique bosses?

Jackels nice, but it doesn't go nearly far enough in the right direction. Imagine an infested spider boss 15 tenno tall.

I won't be able to attend the livestream so if someone could please ask this question for me I would be very grateful.

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Are there plans to add some other Warframe Chassis as the Alternate helmets for each warframe??

Will Bosses have a special finish cinematic on how they die?(Even DMC had some pretty good ones too)

Are there Going to be Aliens?

Urban Enviroments??

and so much more to ask....

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Maybe it's just my sugesstion to improve stealth gameplay , and maybe if we success stealth gameplay get bonus and ad more equipment for stealth gameplay . Why I suggest stealth gameplay ? because there's some excitement when we stealth . Sorry if there's wrong in my post

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