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Is there a way to implement during a mission,say on an infested level for a grineer assault team to invade the level as well? i think it would make for very entertaining action. Kind of like the "heads up" we get from lotus mid mission. A way for each faction to butt in on missions every now and then would be awesome!

That happened to me once I don't know why.
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Any plans for

1) Alternate ways to gain rank exp, right now the only way is to continously buy new weapons/frames.

From mission completion?

2) Alternate ways to increase frame/weapon slots other than plat.

Linking it to rank mastery as others have suggested.

3) Future perks for players with higher rank mastery.

Right now it is only to get new weapons and I believe the highest is rank 4 for the Hek.

There is no real reason getting past rank 4 now.

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Kudos to the community for all the relevent discussion and questions mentioned.

Maps/Game Modes: My favorite aspect of this game is the defense objective maps; I love the endless onslaught of enemies. I enjoy all the maps and objectives. However, I would like to see a more dynamic game style and believe the 'Alert System' would be great way to incorporate this.

Specifically, I would like to see the option of different playable maps and objectives for given location rather than a defined mission and limited variations of elevators, ice on the floor, and creepy things that I am not sure I want stuck to the bottom of my boot.

I think there is a lot of potential for the 'Alert System' in creating a dynamic environment. However, I go through many of the alert missions now only to find that I've returned to a map I have already cleared and have an objective similar to one I just completed--and often leave with no notable rewards.

Are there currently any plans or ideas that would encourage replay-ability of content other than to farm resources?

Thank you.

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Guys trying to convert stream time to my timezone, but theres like 3 EST's, which one is it and which sub option to select?

1. Will there be new weapons with new effects?

2. will changes for certain warframe abilities happen? (Like embers world on fire, etc)

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Will we be able to actually perform combos in meele fights? since now we can only hit, charge, jump smash, and slice 'n' dice from slide attacks

Any hints (if you plan any) new warframes?

Will there be more weapons? there's not much to choose from in the shop, and not many differences.


one last question.....will the freeze and fire dmg get nerfed? i HATE when one weapon has both, it looks $&*&*#(%& when someone freezes and burn same time. they should be incompatible!

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These are the stuff I want to know if you guys have any plan on making for the future or have kept in mind for later.


-Fix the gun range, as sniper rifle are under used. Why? because there is no point for them, As shot gun in the game is way over powered. Shotgun has an ability to shoot as far as a sniper rifle and there dmg are fairly close.

-They should put your team/squad member name and health somewhere in the screen so you don't have to always click esc just to see everyone HP, this will improve teamwork.

-The only reason I kept playing the game again everyday is because of the new mission "Defence", me and my friends love the defence mission. we've been playing it over and over again trying to reach our wave 50 goal. I would love to see a mission where its the same aspect of defence but just survival where there's nothing to defend its just you and your squad trying to work together and stay alive and fight the herd of enemy wave. Would be nice if the faction of enemies change every wave or something. SO stratagy will have to change and your squad has work together differently.

-Also for the defence mission, you should apply using revive if you fail the wave. Like if the cryopod dies and mission failed you should give us the option to sacrifice 1 revive to restart the wave. Like everyone in that game has to use a revive, if they choose not to or doesn't have a revive then they forfiet it, or choose to stay and watch but then this will stop other solo player joing that squad. Maybe you should only be able to choose watch on private games.

-I wanna see more helmet for the new and old warframes. as one for each warframe is great and all but more variety will be Amazing!

-still problem with the connection with friends, as they still don't show up on my friend list but they are on. And on the global chat if you whisper to them they are able to see it and they can even reply back to you and it still show them as offline. Also on clan chat where the global chat is you are able to see them online there but in clan list where the friend list are they are offline.

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I think the player so bored when they play only one warframe, and if they want to change ,they need money to buy instead of buying blueprint (need more times and hard to find) that make me bored too

pls give more blueprint of components to create a warframe!!!


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Question: Overall the charcaters of this game are space ninja's; my question is do you plan on improving the stealth aspect of the game? and is there plans to also include somekind of bonus to getting through the stage without being seen?

main reason I ask this is because I like stealth, but overall, playing stealth hurts you in the longrun, less enemies appear on the map, which means less experience and less chance for mods.

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Rebecca , Is it okay to solo this game?

Due to bad connections at times and everything it's really the only way I can play.

Also more character customization?

There are many frames I'd like better and use if we could alter some aspects of their appearance. Ember is a good example (for me) with the clunky look and weird head and legs I just want to streamline it more.

Also when buying Platinum can we have other increments? It jumps for too low to too much.

Game is great, thanks for reading and hopefully answering.

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What kind of improvments can we expect in the long term for the stealth aspect of the game.

A vague answer will suffice but a detailed answer will be extremely appreciated.

Any way to all of you outstanding people at Digital Extremes i sincerly thank you for the fantastic game and keep up the good work.

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Are you are gonna make more co-op stuff in the game?

Like the two console door which needs two players to use the consoles at the same time.

EDIT: should have read that FAQ earlier.

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Do you plan to balance/change the skills of the warframes? Such as improving/replacing some skills, making them more useful?

A few examples of abilities that I hope will be changed/replaced :

- Bladestorm - Will you ever improve it's animation? It's quite buggy and ugly.

- Radial Blind - Will it ever get replaced with something more attractive/useful?

- Shuriken - Usefulness

- Teleport - Usefulness

- Mind control - Same as the above

bladestorm is fine depending on how much room you have.

radial blind is there as a defence spell to get out of trouble and works fine.

shuriken is S#&$ cos it doesnt aim right, it come from the left of the screen and doesnt fire fast enough, i agree.

teleport is amazing when notched to 3 and using a sniper rifle. you can teleport from a mile away or bladestorm from a mile away.

mind control is awesome but not in 4 man groups who rape an area fast.

learn to use the spells your given correctly instead of asking for changes.

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i hope this dosnt elimate me from the contest, but; whats with the lag on the servers latley? iv been droped out of mod fusioning, had to redo nearly 10 min of my time. some time the servers are super slow with drops, where i have to wait for doors to open and storage loot to drop to the ground. other times, the enmies wont even show dmg done, and i never die. even though i can shoot them asuming their health and kill them all. other times. the missions will end and ill be d/c and i get nothing from the run. any ways. just a heads up guys. hopfully it gets fixed soon, btw this is only with 2 most recent patchs. fyi. and thank you for the wonderful game, its beautiful

p.s. hopefully u can get some new areas, and drop a few servers to stack more players. and fix the que. maybe work out a situational timer.

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