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Quick Question About Mod Fusion...



So, I did this once, and I didn't seem to notice any increase in mod xp go up. But, say for example I combine a couple metal augers together, and then I take the one that I currently have equipped, which is already a higher level, and fuse the ones that I had just leveled up with that one. Does that level the card up just the same as if I had individually put those cards in?

I typically like to keep my mod page as clutterless as possible, so I'd like to be able to fuse some together that I can't fuse to my main card yet because it wouldn't fit in my mod slot at the current level my gun, frame, etc was at. Hopefully that made sense, if not. Say I have a rank two metal auger in my mods, and it's taking up 3 mod slots, and I don't have any space left for mods, so obviously I don't want to level that one up yet. But I have a few other metal augers in my mods list. If I fuse those together to save space, and then fuse it with the one I already have equipped, will that be as effective as if I had put a card into it one by one?

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I looked at this just earlier, and if I read the bar right it's something like this;

1mod + 1mod = 2mod

1mod + 2mod = 2.75mod

... If that makes any sense.

What I meant to say is that fusing a mod that you already fused knocks off 25% of it's value towards a rank-up.

Well, that seems counter productive, and rather frustrating from an organization stand point if that's the case...

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