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I for one, think trading needs to be implimented. My friends and I are always complaining that one of us doesn't have a mod. Lets say Bill gets North Wind, and Bob gets Shocking touch, but Bob wants North Wind, and Bill wants shocking touch. What then? Trading.

One thing that I've seen a thread about that DE_Steve seemed to like was that when you see the mission results screen for the previous mission you can trade anything you picked up in that mission with anyone else in that mission.

That avoids the chat spam that occurs with WTB/WTS/WTT, and it allows people to go: "Hey, you found X Shotgun mod and dont use shotguns while I do...and I found Y rifle mod, wanna trade?"

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Why not just have a trading chat tab? People can spam WTB/LTS in there and the rest of us can have a regular conversation, but the real world trading does become a problem.

Most MMOs have a trade channel.

And *rarely* is the WTB/LTS/LTT spam contained to that section of the chat. It usually ends up where the main global chat is spammed non-stop.

And while the real world trading is a problem they can limit that by not allowign you to trade platinum, because even if you trade a warframe you bought with platinum they could only get credits from it.

Also, one thing I would like to see personally, is that if you do trade a warframe/weapon it doesnt keep its levels. That would also cut down on real world trading because you cant say "Trading lvl 30 warframe with potato for 10$" or something.

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