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More Worlds?


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Since all the maps are randomly generated, there is no actual need for new planets. Further updates will bring new levels/ tile sets....

I know that they will be adding new levels, but don't you think being confined to our galaxy would get kinda boring? Not saying I hate being in our galaxy, but it would open some opertunity up for some lore, like where the Grineer came from, and the infested.
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I've got a suggestion in the works that would add three new moons(similar to Europa beoming it's own thing) and add four planet based tilesets, along with two infested specific tilsets and another Grineer tileset to go with Corpus having two. That would put the total number of worlds up to 16, and total number of tilesets up to 10, adding an amount of variety more appropriate for release. From there, it'd be more worth it to add additional modifiers(such as the burning ship and icy ship ones) and more mission objective types and mixes if they wanted more variety.

As for more systems entirely, not only does that seem uneccessary since if they can differientiate the existing ones a bit there is no limit to how many missions they could add to each, but keep in mind that each world currently corresponds to a real planet, moon, or dwarf planet. Even the ones you may not be familiar with, Ceres is a very large spherical asteroid in the asteroid belt and was once considered a planet, Europa is the second largest moon of Jupiter and is suspected to consist mainly of ocean under an ice crust(and could have life), Eris is a dwarf planet that is slightly larger than Pluto, and Sedna is a dwarf planet with a 11400 year orbit, it's further out than even Pluto or Eris and likely orbits a second system due to it's enormous oval shaped orbit.

Galaxies are out of the question, this isn't Mario where a small level is called a galaxy, this game uses real places as it's background, and there are billions of stars and systems in our own galaxy, nevermind any others.

Also, the Grineer and Corpus are both human in origin, they came from Earth. The infestation is caused by the technocyte plague, created by the orokin, basically a mechanical virus, and it infests corpus and grineer, thus far only human infested have been see.

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More tile sets first,

I'd like to see another outdoors one, but this time the red deserts of mars with sandstorms and big sandstone structures.

A different spaceship designed one with maybe some bigger bio domes in it

A dense future city one.

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