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Loki "issues"


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So I have a buddy who plays Loki and to be frank sometimes it is a bit cheap as to waht he can do adn I am sure most of it is gliches. Some were fixed like him getting stuck on stairs and ramps but the most annoying thing he can get away with is on Corpus missions he is unaffected by the lasers that cover the doors about 95% of the time.

Anyone else seen this "issue"

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Sounds like someone is QQ'ing hard because they don't know how to play the game.

As a Loki player, I find that I have a harder time getting through laser doors than my friend, the volt player. He simply activates his hyper speed, and literally just runs through them.

Get ready for more RAGE from OP if he reads this:

As a Loki player, I will spend 15-40 minute to beat a mission solo stealth using the bow and massive damage stealth execute. It is really hard. As the volt player, he just HYPER SPEEDS through the level, despawning enemies before they can set off alarms, and finishing the level stealth, in about 3 minutes.

Other warframes that can get through laser doors while they are on:

Excaliber, and... Oh ya, EVERY SINGLE WARFRAME. Run at it, and RIGHT before you it it, slide.You will often still be hit by it, but will always end up on the other side.

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