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I have two suggestions to lay out here.

The first involves mod leveling. First off, multiply by ten the current amount of Fusion Points needed to level up, but also X10 the amount given by fusing mods. But also add in a system so for every enemy you kill, you get one point in your Warframe mods and whatever mods are in the weapon you used, so no matter how unlucky you get, you can still level mods. This should cap at 1 below the level up, so it doesn't suddenly become too powerful for the weapon, but would be a nice change.

The other involves mod capacity. Say I have a level 26 supercharged Lex and have filled it up with all manner of mods, leaving 6 slots left. So I want to add Convulsion, but all I have is a level 8 Convulsion, so I can't do it. What you should be able to do is drop mods levels for reduced effects, but usable in greater combinations so the player is never punished for leveling a mod. A 6 point (level 8) Convulsion should be slightly better, so for each rank you drop, one percent is added to the effect.

Example: L8 Convulsion-45%

7p(L8) Convulsion-31%

6p(L8) Convulsion-17%

These changes would, in my own opinion, improve it a good deal. Please take this into consideration, DE.

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