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Will there be a way to create special levels (where some parts could be random an dothers not) with "triggers" that would let us create small stories or just create branching in mission ?

You have to save someone:

1) you succeed, you have to sabotage before leaving

2) you fail you have to spy before leaving the ship.

the next mission could depend on what you did (even on how well you did it. For instance you could get some even more special mission if you succeed to stealth run from start to finish)

We could create tutorials for some weapons, some warframes, puzzles (like using the "exchange place" skill to avoid lasers doors that won't light off)

the steam workshop could be put to good use for such a thing (people with art talent could create new tilesets)

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Far away in the future, there might be a possibilty for something like that. But for now, they should focus on new content and bugfixes.....

"Modding Tools are so hard to create, they need time to add something like that

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