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Need Some Help



I've started playing Excalibur and I'm 30lv now. I havent supercharged it.

I'd like to ask you what do you think about mods I use and help with changes if necessary:

steel fiber +5 - 70% armor

redirection +7 - 160% armor endurance

vitality +6 - 200%

fast deflection +10 - 75% armor recharging

Excalibu's slash +2

mk1-braton I like it and I supercharged it ( 60 mod capacity)

speed triger +7 - 40% faster shot

split chamber +13 - 40% multishot

serration +8 - 50% more damage

fast hands +7 - 30% faster reloading

ammo drum +2 - +5% max ammo

hell fire+8 - 30% fire damage

deep freeze +5 - 20% freeze dmg

piercing hit +8 - 50% piercing dmg

lato - unfortunately supercharged (60 mod capacity)

barrel difusion +9 - 80% multishot

slip magazine +8 - 25% bigger clip

convulsion+7 - 30% electric dmg

deep freeze+6 - 30% freeze dmg

gunslinger +8 - 60% faster shot

hornet strike +7 - 80% more dmg

no return +4 - 15% piercing dmg

seeker +10 - 0,1 piercing

cronus 27 lv mod capacity

fury+3 - 30% faster melee attack

molten impacy +9 - 30% fire dmg

sundering strike +2 - 15% piercing dmg

killing blow+7 - 50% more dmg from charged attack

Im fine with these mods, but maybe you can find something better.

I'm crafting craken pistol and plasma sword and Ash, what would you suggest to put into them ?

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uh ok. lato removed. get ANY other pistol.

branton i still undecided. apparently botler would be a better choice but i find the slow bullets annoying. and pucture really doesnt work at all other than to throw dead bodies back.

cronus...yeah no....go for a dagger or any melee weapon that ignored armor.

as for mods..well i havent supercharged any of my weapons yet..holding off for now, so it up to you

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I didn't play for very long and don't consider myself a good enough player to give tips on these things but

Apparently you use a MK1 Braton

While I use the Braton itself, i'd like to say that there's a normal version of it which is better than the MK1 in firing rate.

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Your frame mods look fine and dandy to me, though I usually run with all four abilities unless I find them absolutely worthless (like Ember's Overheat and World on Fire).

Mods on your Mk.1 Braton look good, though I don't know if you really need faster reload since the reload on it is rather quick to begin with if I remember properly. Upgrading to a regular Braton may be good for the additional damage and RoF, though I don't know if you think the reduced accuracy and magazine capacity will be worth it.

Take the Seeker mod off the Lato. As it stands, puncture mods are absolutely worthless as their number is their penetration in meters. 0.1m isn't enough to even get through one enemy. The Lato is fairly below-average in general, it's not my favorite.

Unless you do normal attacks a lot, take off the Fury from the Cronus and replace it with Reflex Coil if you have it. That'll boost your charged attack rate which I don't think Fury does.

The Kraken is a heavy pistol, you definitely want armor-piercing, multishot, damage, and rate of fire on it to maximize damage output. I haven't used the Plasma Sword personally although I think it has an above-average charged attack and a really high crit chance, so you may want to play to that.

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thank you very much !

I like this MK1, nothing else satisfies me, I tihnk it's better to have bigger clip and better accuracy than more dmg.

but, what about these mods :

steel fiber +5 - 70% armor

redirection +7 - 160% armor endurance

vitality +6 - 200%

fast deflection +10 - 75% armor recharging

are these enough or something else would be useful?

in case of Excalibur, I don't find any ability useful, except slash

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