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Muffled Sound Effect When Area Depressurizes Persists After Lockdown/moving To Pressurized Areas


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I don't see an "audio" category, and I am not sure where to put this, so..here goes.

In some mission stages there are rooms that feature Reinforced Glass. Dealing enough damage to them and/or shooting at them with a bolt/bow weapon destroys the glass, depressurizing the area and putting the ship in lockdown. When the area is depressurized, all sound effects, voice, and music is heavily muffled, and everyone there gets a DoT.

In any case, you can hack the lockdown and repressurize the area. Usually, this means that the muffling of game audio and DoT ends - the DoT does end, but the muffled audio persists even until the end of the mission.

Does anybody else experience this bug?

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Happened to me once; I believe I was actually outside the windowed room when I blew the glass out and thus got locked out of the death-room. After I stabilized the area the sound never corrected itself.

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