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Update 13.3.0: Pack Hunters

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Just a question... Not sure how gamebreaking this may or may not be but... If you had a Hydroid and 3-4 Energy Siphons on the team, could we just AFK at the pod in an infested defense and autowin? The Energy Siphons should negate the energy cost for Undertow and since its toggle, itll never run out. Only thing wed need is a Rejuvenation or a healing frame like Trinity or Oberon for the Toxics.

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DE, I like what you do, but I feel the need to speak my mind this time, after yet another weapon addition:

WHY do you have to cram those hard-to-get materials everywhere? I can't see why Angstrum would require Argon Crystals to be built, in all honesty. It's like you're willingly making it a pain to get the new weapons, increasing the effort needed as updates progress.

I'm fine with weapons not being outright easy to obtain, but I hope you don't end up with creating materials that require DAYS (for some unlucky fellow players it's already the case when searching for Argon) or WEEKS of restless grinding to get a few units of it. Argon is already annoying to go search for, especially since it seems you get them the most when you don't need them, and you can't stack them for later times of need because guess what, they expire. Then a new weapon comes out, and you find yourself out of Argons.

Keep them, but don't just cram them everywhere. The farming strategy for Oxium was fine already in my opinion.

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Cheers for good work is the update .

I think that is a modification of the Trinity , but it was a failure to be honest .

Suicide from invincible as long as had been seen as a problem , I think the story you just glad if you delete only the suicide damage .

Roughly , and eat a suicide damage to invincible during the time it is the failure of the specification clearly , also gave up the correction is performed to adjust the form like this also fixes without that point , there was no technical capabilities that can be modified I can take also .

Also , I think the player who has enhanced the Trinity with the accounting items also have to be sure you have the β testing but charging feature is live . I was also strengthened .

I was amazed the adjustment of this time you have neglected the player of them , to respect the opinion of the only big player in the voice of one minute .

I think they will not be charged on this game again item to assist honor of the Lotus , the accounting is even out future .

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I would like to express my opinion regarding "The Pack". On my second exterminate mission on earth after I had killed everyone I found one pack of three hovering on the extraction platform all three gave me the death stare and were killed quite easily with my Boltor Prime, they didn't even move aggressively towards me, After killing them I turned and there was another pack of three, once again giving me the death stare as my sentinel killed them all, also without moving towards me. Whomever did the AI for "The Pack" obviously has never observed a actual pack of animals, they don't just stand there and give you a death stare, they are on the move, trying to encircle the prey, if anything one should have moved left and the other move to the right to try to come at you from all sides. I would suggest whomever did the AI or scripting for the Kubrows have them watch Hyenas as they hunt that will give them a good example of how packs hunt.  

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How  about some practical Dojo Armor set for warframes

For instance each armor piece has its own mod slots and their own separate mod point pools and unique armor aura slots with armor auras

left leg, right leg, left hip , right hip, left thigh, right thigh, left foot, right foot, right knee, left knee, left shoulder right shoulder, left bicep, right bicep breast plate, back plate and a battle crown(as functional as it is unique to each warframe) all worn like a syendana but have their own slots

Leg area mobility and C.C(like heavy impact) power only mod both offensive and defensive and utility(stamina speed and cc

chest plate defensive and lightly offensive(shielding, armor, energy(recharge rate and consumption) resistances, power buff, weapon buff),multiplication of energy orb and health orbs effects.

back plate: utility and defensive  (shielding, armor, resistances, ammo efficiency, energy recharge and efficiency)

arms area: offensive  and lightly defensive (melee (damage, speed, stamina consumption, channeling efficiency),fire arms(damage, ammo efficiency)defensive(revive speed, wall cling, reload speed, weapon swap speed between melee and fire arms)


All this leaves space for warframe power cultivation.

think about it. 

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I would like to express my opinion regarding "The Pack". On my second exterminate mission on earth after I had killed everyone I found one pack of three hovering on the extraction platform all three gave me the death stare and were killed quite easily with my Boltor Prime, they didn't even move aggressively towards me, After killing them I turned and there was another pack of three, once again giving me the death stare as my sentinel killed them all, also without moving towards me. Whomever did the AI for "The Pack" obviously has never observed a actual pack of animals, they don't just stand there and give you a death stare, they are on the move, trying to encircle the prey, if anything one should have moved left and the other move to the right to try to come at you from all sides. I would suggest whomever did the AI or scripting for the Kubrows have them watch Hyenas as they hunt that will give them a good example of how packs hunt.  

You must have run into a bug, becasue the buggers do attack as a group, despite only being level 7 they hit like a truck if they catch you, I only hope we see them in other tilesets; you need to remember this is a low level zone. The stare you observed comes before a charge, if anything the duration could be a little shorter.


As for their position at the end of the mission, I assure you they are not always there, and they have a habit of attacking when you are otherwise occupied, a pack hit hard enough to knock out my iron skin on a fully levelled and formaed Rhino that I was running a survival mission with to level the new angstrom.

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Is there any news about valkyr's hysteria?

It's has been changed massively since U13 but still doesn't have any changelog or clue about it.

It was already mentioned in a live stream that Hysteria doesn't scale based on weapon damage after melee 2.0 and will be fixed.

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I must admit i was highly skeptical about how you will balance warframes considering you somewhat rolled back changes in the past. But i am very happy on how you nerfed/buffed the warframes in this pach and it brings us a step closer to a more balanced game. I was going to take a break from Warframe until some much needed changes arrived, but it seems i have reasons to keep playing. Thanks DE for all the new stuff/buggfixing, and i hope we will see more changes/balancing with warframe abilities in the (very) near future.



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Added in a new "Auto Vault Over Obstacles" option to toggle on or off.


Though I still feel that the "if you are running you don't vault/if you are not running you vault" version might be better I'm thankful for the inclusion of this gem in the patch. I can't tell how much I have waited for this. I mean honestly, a nice move if fine and all but if you have no option to decide whether or not you want to use it along with the fact that it cripples your mobility in parkour... well you get it, I'm happy now:)


As for the customization options - the more the merrier :) It is very nice to be able to color stuff independently.


Another question: the energy coloring (last time I've checked) used proper colors now so you could even use Black. Any plans to change every energy color based stuff to this, like firearms projectiles/muzzleshot and Syandana/Emblem colors (well, only one emblem can be colored at this point).


Also question: wouldn't it be nice if the black&white colored (and clan) emblems were colorable (or at least react to energy color)? If it's an option thus you can decide for your clan, people who want their logos to stay in one color wouldn't have a problem, while I could make ours into an adapting version and allow our members to look cool and always colored to the occasion :D


Trinity changes:

- The energy vampire became useful. That's a big word :D Quite an elegant way to solve it actually.

- Blessing. I like it. This way you made Physique aura livable too. Simply because that makes your health higher thus the tank characters can lose a huge % of health and still survive till you cast Blessing, mainly allowing for a controlled (but still risky) tactic to enter the field. And since we are no longer invulnerable, I'm very happy. If one is invulnerably, where is the challenge in that, right?

Yea, I know, I know - but even those that were glued to Blessing must admit - a Ninja standing in the middle of the corridor, not caring about whether the enemy hits or not isn't exactly quite ninja-ish.



- Silence is more useful though the sheer number of enemies usually makes hard to apply proper stealth. Still, it's admittedly much better than before.

- Switchable abilities. That's new stuff and maybe an even more important change than the Melee 2.0 :D Honestly, this opens up new possibilities for abilities. Like a Trinity regeneration aura or Valkyr attack aura etc. And we do have a Paladin (Oberon) after all so... :D



See above for toggle. Otherwise Nyx is a nice frame. Since Absorb takes the spot for damage, the first ability might be better off to be some aoe stagger or slow instead. But that's just what my CC-loving heart says.



That shield was always somewhat controversal. It really was blocking your view quite a bit and as a way of defense, it wasn't particularly helpful (small and all - originally for the same price as a snowglobe which was kind of superior as defense... overwhelmingly) - it's only redeeming quality was the bug(?) that it made projectile weapons become hitscan if the shots were fired through the shield.

Can you make this a toggleable ability too? Like a half-circle/arc shield in front of Volt that moves and turns with him :D A moving shield would be fun :D



Undertow changes are nice - is it still bugged (mini-me appearing on top, enemy damage from toxic ancients leaking out etc.)?

It would be fun if you could move in that form. Otherwise Bastille might be better since you can damage the enemy directly (Vortex is much better but that's an ultimate) and you can use more of that on a much bigger area to get everyone.



What you mentioned in the developer plans section seems nice. Will see. I'm not particularly fond of this guy (Loki had much more tactical use for me and overall felt more like a ninja) so my opinion isn't exactly relevant in this case (or at least less so then for the others :D).



I still feel bad for theScavanger guy: Nekros' Desecration is nice and all but even that is only the case because the drops are somewhat... lacking in most cases. Certainly doesn't feel like a necromancer. Frost too is... well...




Changing warframes:

Things I would change on certain frames.


I'm a necromancer to the core. In every computer game and rpg (real ones where you sit around with books and character sheets) that has one I always play necromancers. So this little guy here is kinda important to me - thus I have my opinion on all his aspect obviously. Forgive me for this.

1. Soul Punch

I've liked this but lately I think it got nerfed, it's ragdoll effect that is. I'm sad. As for a necromancy themed frame I believe a lifesteal or control skill would be best instead of damage. My version:


Soul touch

Nekros tears at the very existance of enemies in front of him, stealing their energies to heal himself.

The skill causes 100/200/300 damage to enemies in a line in front of Nekros healing him 25/35/45/55% of the amount caused.


2. Terrify

Not just that it looks a lot like Radial Blind but overall lacks in utility. Even it's armor reduction effect if rather mediocre - would be better if it was a 25% resistance reduction effect altogether, without the victims "fleeing". A full 10-30% extra incoming damage aoe... now that would be wicked :) More like an ulti at that point actually. Idea:



Nekros invades the minds of enemies around, trapping them in a nightmare.

In an area of 5/10/15/20 units enemies are stunned and only stare ahead blankly. They take damage of 10 health(!, no resistances apply) per second for 9/15/20/25 seconds. Every instance of incoming damage lowers the remaining duration by 1 second. Bosses are at least staggered.

3. Desecrate

Actually this is Nekros's most used or at least most useful ability. Pretty much a true savior during Survivals, and overall very useful for prolonged fights or farming.


Still, normally it's not that needed. Actually you rarely have that many corpses lying around that it's worth using this skill especially that it doesn't always work - and then you have to cast it again, and... you get it. With even a team of relative beginners you can expect to be revived when you hit ground head first so the abundance of health globes this skill provides isn't that useful. It heals your sentinel though so by no means would I call it a waste.


In some cases it might yield useful loot (not much chance, let's face it), I would have it changed to one of the following, given the chance:



Nekros preys upon the souls of the recently deceased, granting regeneration to him and his allies.

Nekros buffs the team for extra regeneration of health, shields and energy for 20/25/30/35 seconds. The amount gained per second is the exact amount of corpses within a range of 4/8/12/16 at activation of skill.


Black mark

Nekros marks enemies around him to drop additional loot if killed.

The ability marks enemies in a 10/15/20/25 range radius around Nekros (preferably with an eerie looking effect, like a slight energy colored aura and/or small energy colored globe above their heads) for 5/10/15/20 seconds. If the marked enemies are killed they drop loot twice as if they were double the amount of enemies. Preferably marked enemies always drop one of the following besides mentioned loot (chosen by RNG on spot):

- energy orb

- health orb

- experience orb

- small support unit during survivals


4. Shadows of the dead

Right now it's a limited version of Chaos (Nyx). While Chaos affects all enemies around, SotD only uses a preset amount of minions. Against bosses they don't pose a threat so you would most likely use them to battle numerous opponents at once. During SotD you have about 12 minions tops fighting against the enemy while during Chaos they fight amongst themselves so not just that you have potentially higher damage, you even stop the group from attacking you (as long as you are not the closest target). SotD has no such effect, your minions are not even priority targets thus even during a defense mission, Chaos is better. Hell, if we take into consideration that your summons are enemies killed that means they are most likely from previous waves - thus weaker than current wave. All-in-all you are better off with Chaos.

Oh, and the extra limitations:

- You have to kill an enemy so you can summon it. If your team is particularly good at stealing kills... well, you can guess the rest.

- Once you summon a minion it's gone from the "list".

- Only last 20 enemies are remembered by the "list" so you can only summon 20 before you have to kill more (and the kills of summoned minions do not count). Thus you have little to no chance to replenish them during a bossfight.


If I wanted to make this particular skill viable I would do the following:

- "Buffer" or "memory" does not get cleared, summoning minions does not erase any of them, you don't have to replenish them.

- Stronger enemies overwrite weaker ones when "buffer" is already full (if the HP*DMG number is much higher, rank is at least 2-3 higher or they are higher class, like heavies over lights etc.).

- Make it spammable, no "power in use", like... evar.

- You cannot summon more minions than the maximum number stored in "buffer".

- Focus and damage mods affect the size of "buffer".


Hmm, to stay to the usual format I will write replacement ideas here:


Enemies killed around Nekros have a chance to return and serve their new master.

For a duration of 10/20/30/40 seconds, enemies dying (don't have to be killed by Nekros!) in a radius of 10/15/20/25 units have 30/45/60/75% chance to spawn a minion (preferably after random time, 1-1000 milliseconds to minimize lag in case a Nova goes wild), that exactly matches their characteristics, preferably right on their corpse or in case it's "out-of-bounds" (thus fallen or something) next to Nekros. The minions live until they are killed or 15/20/25/30 seconds elapse.



Nekros summons the recently deceased to aid him.

Nekros stores the characteristics of enemies he has killed, 1 for each rank of the card (starts at 1 on rank 0). When the "buffer" is filled, significantly stronger enemies (if the HP*DMG number is much higher) overwrite weaker ones. When the ability is activated, the first stored enemy is summoned with double health and damage, staying until killed or for a maximum of 15/20/25/30 seconds. The spell doesn't have a "power in use" property, it can be activated as long as there is enough energy. On repeated activation the next stored enemy in line gets summoned. The Nekros can have as many minions summoned at once as the mod's rank+1. The moment he reaches "the end of the line" and still further activates the skill, the first minion dies and gets respawned with full health. These minions must have very aggressive AI and a rather high priority as targets for opponents.


The latter version is more gentle on the rig and allows for a better built relationship between Nekros and his minions.If there was a way to choose which enemy you want to store, that would be even better but then again, making a skill too complicated negatively affects gameplay.


As my first ever built frame, Frost has a special place in my heart. After I got Frost Prime I've formad this guy so hard... well, the usual, only 1 skill slot, etc. I love this frame yet I was more than willing to trade 3 abilities for simple mods and never looked back. I'm only using Snowglobe. So here comes whining 2.0.

Time has passed, Frost got changed a bit. You can guess that as many others I am not fully satisfied with the results.

The original problem was that most of his abilities fell short compared to other frames' (actually pretty badly), which endorsed the use of his only truly useful ability (snowglobe) which was pretty overpowered, way more than bastille. Actually I've welcomed the "health" for the globe, even though it pretty much destroyed the only thing that kept Frost afloat thus crushed mine too.


The changes reflect the usual idea of "nukes", meaning a large amount of people cannot see further than the damage an ability causes. Hell, many would call Loki weak and bad and I can honestly say he is one of the Most fun frames to play and actually brutally effective in most situations. He is damn scary and can pretty much save the day. Without any direct damage skills, mind you.

Thus I would prefer Frost to be a CC frame, especially since freezing based powers are usually best for that. Anyways, here comes my "idea pack" of Frost:


First of all I would make it so all Freeze effects act like this:

- Freezing enemies render them immobile for duration.

- The effect can be prematurely broken by causing more damage than certain % of max. health in one hit. Depends on skill power but it is tiered like this: Fire/Physical/Blast, all other elements except Cold, Cold. Every tier needing double the % to break the state, cold cannot break it. For example fire, physical and blast needs to hit for 20% max. health to break it, others 40%, cold cannot break it.

- Enemies frozen have certain % debuff against physical and blast damage types. This is pure damage bonus againt them, not a decrease to resistances. Completely dependant on ability power. Fire element based attacks suffer half this effect in reverse (so 40% bonus to blast means 20% minus to fire as the encasing ice protects the target from the fire).

- If the duration is up, the enemies suffer "slow" effect for standard duration (like when Cold's status effect kicks in).

- If the effect is broken prematurely by damage, the target is knocked to the ground, those standing around him will suffer blast and/or impact damage from the shattering ice.

- If the effect is broken prematurely by damage, the damage is applied first (thus gains the whole bonus %), then the effect breaks. Even if the target dies, the ice shatters thus damaging those around.

- Bosses cannot be frozen but they are slowed to a complete halt at first and gradually "thaw out", preferably during half of the original time limit. The incoming damage debuff is applied to them as well, though the effect is halved since they are not completely frozen. I consider Stalker and kin bosses.

- Diminishing returns apply, repeated usage of this effect on the same enemy will yield decreased duration of effect.

This way it seems at least remotely logical and has tactical depth too (fire easily breaking the ice but having's it's effect weakened, cold not getting bonus but not breaking the effect at all, etc.).


1. Freeze

The new version was previously mentioned to work "like" Ember's fireball... I have rarely seen anyone using that, so I guess that's the similarity. Sorry for being sarcastic but I haven't found any change in this skill since before, just as "useful" as it was. You don't want to stop to freeze single enemies when you are fighting a group and since the bosses usually end up being bugged or at least invulnerable thanks to this baby, I wouldn't advise using it on them either. Good to stop one when you need to revive... a rather narrow field of expertise. Get into cover and you will never use it for that again.

So what I would do with it - endorsing the use of Frost as a CC frame:

- Range: 50m, 3m aoe on impact location, enemies further away from the center of this aoe suffer weaker effects (decreased duration of effect and only slow when too far away), latter affected by power range mods.

- No initial damage.

- Enemies in 3m aoe (affected by power range mods) are frozen in place for 5/7/9/11 seconds (affected by duration mods).

- Frozen targets suffer incoming damage buff as mentioned above, increasing every kind of physical and blast damage dealt to them by 25/50/75/100%, affected by power strength mods. Fire damage is weakened by half the amount, again, as mentioned above.

- Prematurely breaking frozen status damages (cold and impact damage, 20/40/60/80) and knocks down those in range (the same 3m aoe + power range mods).

- After frozen status dissipates (either normally or prematurely) enemies are affected by cold's status, slowing them for a standard duration (like in case of weapon Cold status effect).


2. Ice Wave

Ice Wave was never really a specifically good damaging power (only an adequate one that looked "cool") I believe it could too use some rework. Yes, it was presumably changed to apply cold status effect thus slow the enemies - before dmg2.0 it's cold damage did the same thing so we only took a step back. Well, still an improvement.

Currently Avalanche is simply outclassing it, energy/effect ratio is too different. So, my version:

- Ice spikes form on the ground, enemies hit by the growing shards get knocked to the ground and suffer 50/100/150/200 piercing damage.

- The spikes stay for a duration of 5 seconds (affected by power duration mods, but not by the rank of skill), like some kind of ice trap, any enemy getting too close to them gets damaged and slowed (cold status effect).

- The damage is 60/80/100/120 per every second the enemy spends in aoe (standing among/on the spikes), affected by power damage mods. The damage IS damage per sec, not damage over time, thus if duration get's higher (by Continuity for example), the overall damage goes up.

- The range seems fine as it is.


3. Snow Globe

I'm one of those that actually think that the nerfing of the Globe was a logial and acceptable step. No I don't like how it was nerfed but I admit I like it even this way more than how it was (I am mostly playing Frost, mind you). It was an invulnerable cover which you could shoot through effectively providing ranged immunity except railguns and explosions (latter is more of a bug or a simple miss in design, as it feels illogical if the other things are kept out). It made Frost into the "globeframe" with no skills whatsoever apart from Globe. It was a very narrow role and was pretty much outclassed in every other area. Though this has changed, it has changed in a wrong way. Frost still doesn't have anything that makes him a worthy choice in place of any other frame while he no longer has the globeframe role either. I know that balancing the globe is hard - but I believe that problem hails from the very design and idea of the snowglobe, thus I would like to forget that as it is.



Description: Frost takes control of the surrounding moisture, forming it into a raging storm of razorsharp ice, hindering ranged attacks and damaging enemies that venture inside.

Frost creates a storm made of icy shrapnels, dealing cold and slash damage to those inside, while weakening ranged attacks passing into/through the globe.

Range: 5m, affected by power range mods.

Duration: 30s, affected by power duration mods.

Damage: 15/30/60/90 per second, half slash, half cold damage (thus the overall damage is way lower than Ember's FireBlast), affected by power strength mods.

Enemies are slowed by 40/50/60/70% (or 67% on top if that had any meaning to be 67 instead of plain 70%).

Damage mitigation from ranged attacks is 30/40/50/60%, affected by power strength mods (if not affected, then it needs to go way higher).

Would be nice if shots interacting with (entering/spawning within) the storm would have a chance to be stopped (rockets still explode). Preferably the same % as for damage mitigation. If the 2 effects together might seem too strong or complicated, I would choose the latter with 44/56/68/80% as probability chance to intercept a ranged attack.


This way we get a worthy T3 ability which is still way less illogical and "absolute defense" than the original Snow Globe while still more useful than current one.


4. Avalanche

Avalanche itself is not a bad ability by nature it's just that we have seen the near-exact same ability on other frames, countless times. It's nothing creative, only a large aoe damage spell, like that of Saryn, Mag etc. - even Volt is different since his Overload hold the possibility of higher damage thanks to the objects around, and Rhino has his "aftereffect" of floating enemies, making his über a "small" bastille for the recently (or soon to be) deceased. In fact Avalanche is like a reverse version of Rhino's stomp, first stunning, then damaging. But pretty much that's all the difference.


Here comes the "I would do the following" part:

Make Avalanche into something like Molecular Prime, an ability not dealing damage by itself (for MP you have to start killing the enemies since the effect only deals aoe damage if affected enemy dies - after then though... well you have seen dominos, so you get the idea).


Description: Summons a treacherous landslide of ice that instantly freezes enemies in the vicinity rendering them immobile and highly vulnerable to incoming physical and cold damage.

Range: 15/18/22/25m, affected by power range mods.

Freeze duration: 7/10/13/16s (affected by power duration mods).

Otherwise same as in case of Freeze, detailed above.



Okay, for freezing effect it is much less complicated to plain make frozen enemies suffer more damage by a plain X%. It would be best though if they were to be broken out of ice (as mentioned above) after a certain powerful hit (or amount of health loss). And it wouldn't be bad if certain bosses (yes, that guy) could freeze us too if we are unable to dodge in time.


Invasions - homeworlds:

You could implement an overall tenacity to a faction that has less territory on the starmap. Maybe a higher battlepay if one sides with the underdog? :D As we have seen before when one side was nearly annihilated.





Optimized the visual effects for Bleeding procs.



Are we still able to suffer a bleeding proc while our shield is up? Please do fix that as it is illogical. Sure a shield cannot stop bleeding (how?) but if the shot never touches my skin, I would really like to not start bleeding :D



Optimized a number of lighting assets...


Can we get lighting changes for Void and Phobos in particular too? They are sometimes so blinding that I have to change options just for those missions. It's incredibly annoying, especially when trying to snipe. A human eye's pupil reacts to such environments and allows less light to enter the eye. But if I change light settings manually, I have to tweak contrast too or I will still have the problem of only seeing a rather plain mess (not a white screen but a grey screen after tweaking brightness :D).

I don't ask for HDR (that would be cool though, like bright effects gaining more weight - for example nova explosion makes everything else around go darker a bit till it lasts and maybe a bit longer till your "eyes reset") but at least do not make maps that bright. However good that looks as an idea, it tires the eye and thus we play less :D



Blueprint mods are now highlighted to differentiate them from other drops.



Wouldn't it be more logical at this point to give them their own "look"? I mean the flashing red/white orb is nice and all but at this point it might be about time...



Tweaked the ability and energy visuals on numerous Warframes including Rhino, Frost, Nova, Ash, Banshee, Zephyr, Vauban, Volt and Valkyr.



Gotta check this out, I hope this doesn't mean that the black ability color is off the table again. That was cool stuff... seriously.



Improved the Fusing process for Mods already installed on weapons. You will now receive a prompt informing you that the Fusion process will exceed the capacity on the specific weapons that the Mod is installed on and will ask you whether you would like to uninstall the mod and continue with the Fusion process or cancel the Fusion entirely.  If there are multiple Fusion conflicts these will be displayed sequentially.



Okay, this is a godsend.

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It's finally here. I've been discussing this with a friend. Now that we have these armor pieces, we can have mod slot extension or have the 4 skill slots moved to these pieces or a customization system that goes well with this and warframe mod slots ><

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New weapon: ANGSTRUM

the fire rate of this weapon displayed in blue print

is 2.0

but displayed in Arsenal is 0.5

also even used mod for increase fire fate

it still doesn't have any change

plz fix

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Great job, DE: now the whole team needs Rage+QT to be healed at 2HP... resulting in 99,5% immunity. Please also nerf the remaining interesting frames into indistinguishable nothingness. [sarcasm]


RIP Trinity + 3 Forma + Legendary Core


BTW: usually I admire your work!!!! But this time...????

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Personally, I'm pleased with the fact that my Trin is now not a must have in t3 survivals. I can finally take an another frame to this mission without squadmates glaring at me, or worse, bring their own Trin and just spam the ulti when not needed at all. A squad of four CC-heavy warframes in a t3 survival, now that is finally possible. I'm curious of how it will turn out. Imagine Hydros, Nyx, Mr. Pancake Excalibooty, Loki, Zephyr... Hm, I think it gives more room for new squad combinations.


On the other hand- Trin feels like she is now just an another throwaway warframe on the way to get affinity for Mastery Rank.

I had no need to run t3 survivals, but thanks to Rhino Prime Chassis I do it almost daily. That's the only reason why I dusted off my Trin and finally used her again after such a long time. Truth to be told, her playstyle is not very exciting when in a group (except when you have Energy Vampire and three energy-hungry nukers in a squad).

Now I will most likely take Hydros to the t3 survival, because evasive and tentacley (and a jolly good skill synergy).

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