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Update 13.3.0: Pack Hunters

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Well did another Exterminate run on Earth and I did find many more Kubrows this time and they even attacked, but still not impressed with their pack AI kinda reminds me of deer hunting, find a nice high spot and pick them off one by one, their battle awareness is pretty meh. I think for them to really work is better pack AI and for them to be more stealthy, most of the time they are in a clearing running around almost like they are playing to which the hunter become the prey.

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What is with this tiny armor it doesnt even look like armor its so small it dosnt even realy show plz fix it

I have to agree... The assets released don't look like armor at all. The plates are simply to small, DE should have called these acessories not armor plating. 


I really respect DE's designs so far but these do not look like armor plating bits, they should revise these desings, mainly the super tiny chest bits.

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...I've been in Trinless runs that ran 55-1:20.


That is affected by RNG a lot. I was in a T3 mission where people were still chatting after 20 minutes and shooting a few enemies, and I was in another where we got our asses kicked after that 20 minutes by a huge crowd while my FPS went down to 25. 


Of course I play Trinity a lot, and I'm not happy with this update. With my usual team when I begin to use my skills, I do it because it is going to be needed. Hell, until 10-15 minutes on a T3 Survival I usually use my secondary (Despair), not even the primary.

And yes, I like to play long, even when level 140 enemies arrive. And there, weapons gets pretty much useless and need a lot of time to kill someone. There, Trinity allowed other people to experiment with their new mod loadout or weapons.


Bless+Link even allowed me to drink Coke in those high level mission, which was fun.


When life support runs out, and we have missed it (chatting or drinking), then a 23 second Bless helped at least one member to reach the exit. Now if everyone's health reaches 5, a Bless would do wonders as it would give a very high damage reduction, but because of no life-support, health will go down fast, and a long Bless will be a burden, because it cannot be recast and you will die.

(and you can rant about that "it should have been so from the beginning" but it was not, and I got used to it. People got used to it).


Trinity has no offensive ability, and no, Link is not one. Offensive ability is where you deal damage and get nothing back in return.

The one and only AoE "ability" a Trinity could do is Bless+Ogris+shoot leg.


And getting X seconds of invulnerability is easy math. People talked about 5 sec. "you got long bless? yes, 20 seconds, ok". Now we got a random percent of damage reduction. Why not multiply it with 1+cosine of the angle you look down the floor? Why not fix the display, so people know how much time they have left for Invulnerability, so two Trinity in a team wouldn't overcast each others Bless or players knew when to get out from the crowd?

I don't say it should be 25+ seconds, but there are levels in this game where you need total invulnerability, even for a short time.


Or I have an easier advice, don't let Survival keep longer than 30 minutes and Defense keep longer than 50 waves. Problem solved, people won't need Trinity at all.


What we got here in this update should have been a solution to a problem. I'd be very interested to see what that REAL problem was.

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Same is happening with lethal torrent and barrel difusion, probaly a bug.

Played and yeah, having some issues with some mods for sure, split, barrel, etc... my weapons are not doing the damage they should be. I actually caught this last night but thought, eh, maybe it's just me, guess not.


 Agreed probably a bug. 

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and there's the trinity nerf. congradulations DE, you just nerfed trinity into the ground, won't be playing her anytime soon, there's no way to tell if teamates need to be healed aside from voice chat that noone really uses, and the reaction time from typing that they need heals is far too long. if the HUD had some way of displaying the teams health ingame (pressing pause all the time to check on it is not very efficient) this wouldn't be nearly as terrible of a nerf. aside from that, great updates!

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I think i speak in the name of all the comunity when i say "please , just please, great overlord , please make this dogs in a pet version of a tenno!" or something like that , lol.

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No invulnerability now? I hate you, guys. I hate you, because my favourite warframe became absolutely useless. And you even don't realize, that Trinity still doesn't have any useful ability! And also she doesn't have a good armor, good shields or any other stat. What were you thinking, by the way? Triny never was popular warframe, and now she will be DEAD. And all thanks yo you.

I know, you won't read this post (like the others before), but I just want to say, that my participation in this game is almost over thanks to this this disastrous update.

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I always appreciated the hard work DE puts into every update, new fixes and changes, weapons and enemies all good, only 1 BIG problem with this update.

Why wasn't it specified how trinity was going to be nerfed, because honestly i would have given up playing/upgrading her long time ago. You just buried a "key" frame, that was loved, usefull and played with joy by the majority of Warframe community. There are many aspects as to say why this was an awful change for trinity, but some of them which were already displayed are that in high lvl waves of T3D/T3S you are either full health or dead, there is no middle way, the often "mini-lags" or just the simple cast time, sometimes killed me or someone in my party before the "old" Blessing came up again. So are you telling me that a thing that happened in a fraction of a second, THAT LONG it took for someone or several people to die, we could just decide, based on our "skill", obviously, when to cast the "new blessing"!?!?


please nerf nekros and nova so that i can give up completely on this game

And yes i agree with this because why should we have extra loot from desecrate, or such a vast cc+nuke from nova, i mean it's too easy, nerf all you can until we fight with sticks and stones. This will ensure the "cleaning" of the Warframe server of more than half the players. The only players left will be the ones with "skill", the PvP ones and the begginers.

I trully hope that we get our "old" trinity back!!!

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Still no ember buffs? gg

Dunno about Ember needing buffs, I use Ember more often than other frames and let's face it, she's a team player and works well. With good weapons and leveled up mods she can do quite a lot of crowd damage. I think if anything, even though I don't own Trinity, it was a horrible move to nerf it making it useless and here I was just about to buy a slot to build it, ah well saves a slot for another frame. 


Some things that I do see wrong that I hope they fix, in a nutshell are...


- Split chamber and other mods no longer working properly after this last update for some.


- Denerf Trinity or at least lower the invulnerability time if nothing else. 


- Can't color accessories on any of my Warframes.


- So many survivals lacking the sheer number of enemies to get proper drops.


- With two exceptions in a week and a half of playing, still getting only T-1 defense or exterminates, T-2's and 3's have been non-existent, literally like you can't get them anymore. "Others mention this in game so I know it's not just me." 


Other than that I am still very happy with the game in general. Just please don't pull a Riot LOL and nerf everything. I quit playing that game and the nerfs being one of the main reasons. Reasonable nerfs are expected but yeah I have to agree that Trinity got a red necktie on this one. 

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