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Update 13.3.0: Pack Hunters

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I can't access to the Dojo due to a server version mismatch. It says the server version was 2014.


Finally after clicking OK for a few more times, I'm in the Dojo now

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Defender won't go into "threatened mode" until they reach somewhere between 33% to 66% ownership. At that point they engage in a more aggressive strategy to win a  majority land value on their homeworld. Once they are back to that value, they will return to normal until another “threatened mode” between 33% and 66% takes place.


This does not tell players what said NPC strategy actually is.

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i love this update




- Blessing:  On cast, Blessing restores all shields and health. Damage reduction for the duration of the skill is now based on the greatest percentage of health healed (ie:if you have a squad with members whose health you healed 30%, 40% and 90%, all party members will receive Damage reduction at the greatest percent, 90% in this case).  This should make the use of Blessing more reactive, greatly benefiting players that pay attention and monitor party health to maximize its effectiveness.

- Reduced the time it takes for Trinity's Blessing animation to play.

With this Trinity stops being a cheap god mode, users most used complain of "it will be single use now" is silenced.


still exploit able but at least requires some effort to exploit.


  • Ash' Blade Storm will now deal multiplied damage based on the current Combo Hit multiplier

about this i will only say OMG!!!  can we get this for "Slash and Dash" please ; )

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Shuriken now has forced bleed proc.

Bladestorm now has forced bleed proc.

Teleport now leaves enemy in finisher state.


Further clone changes to Bladestorm will follow in a future update.



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so much for trin.


trin nerf

-ogriside/stugicide still possible at 99% as in you will die

-no link nerf?

-couldnt nerf bless specifically massively for pvp?

so you complain you can now kill yourself with blessing + link + ogris, then complain they didn't nerf link?

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SweeeeEEEeeeeeEEEeeeeeeeet, more customization! instant purchase.


oh and


  • Vay Hek can no longer be affected by mind control abilities.


Stuff is hilarious, I had no idea.

Sigh... had to clean my screen after reading that, sprayed coffee all over it.

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Going through my frames adding armour, Frost Prime and Daedalus, specifically the knee guards, don't mix, can't even see the armour. Just pointing it out (hope someone from DE reads this)


Edit : Hydroid Tritan helm + any chest piece = bad, can't see.

Edit2: Nekros shroud helmet and eos chest piece = nonexistant almost

Edit3: Vauban Phased skin - is it supposed to cover the armour? It doesn't, which makes them look severely out of place.


Edit4: all done putting armour on 19 frames, (no excal prime or non-primes of my prime frames), and all frames have multiple colour combinations, and most look good! Eos is a bit small though, almost unnoticeable...but otherwise aside from what I said above it's fine. Some of my colour combo's don't like quantum event badge though.

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i normally don't spam forum threads, but:

 <3 Trinity nerf!

As a main Trinity player this "nerf" looks more than great. Blessing is still strong, but more "interactive" with the game. Absolutely love the way this goes


<3 tyvm

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  • New weapon: ANGSTRUM - Capable of firing multiple rockets at once, the Angstrum is a handheld instrument of destruction. Find it in the Market today for Platinum or Blueprint for Credits!



:D I can jump for joy again, finally a credit weapon again. 

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