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Sentinels = Annoying


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Does anyone else find a constantly moving sentinel just over your head to be extremely annoying? The thing just sits there constantly obstructing your view and in general is distracting. Devs, could you possibly include an option to make the viewing of YOUR OWN SENTINEL optional?

I understand the desire to keep sentinels viewable for other ppl (prestige, whatever). Leave that the way it is, but could you take the time to include the code:

if(owner = me & sentinelViewable = false) {

displaySentinel = false;

} else {

displaySentinel = true;


Well, that would need you to include an option to display your own sentinel - please forgive me for not providing that.

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I find sentinels pretty damn rad...

You could always unequip yours, if you dislike it. °3°

I appreciate your view and thats why I would prefer to have it be a choice, and only affecting your own sentinel. For those of us who find it an annoyance it would be nice to be able to choose between the advantages of a sentinel and the annoyance of an always-moving blob above your head.

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It bugged me at first but i got used to it pretty quickly, I barely notice the little bugger now. Honestly it's kinda annoying you don't even get a notice on your HUD of his health, the only way to even see that is back your camera against the wall and force the little pet into your cone of vision. Though, since now I hardly notice him I can barely tell when he's still there. What I'd really like is a friggin health bar that tells you his shields/remaining health.

Though I imagine anyone who plays the game over their Frame's left shoulder or constantly switch back and forth, the sentinel's static position would be sort of annoying. Maybe a slider bar to relocate where it hovers around you or simply an option to make it mostly transparent in-game would be a nice feature

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Is it just me, or do other people have the problem where I can't really ever unequip my sentinel?

I mean, I can unequip it, but as soon as I either finish a mission, or even just Abandon, BAM! He is right back there, and if I still don't want him I have to go unequip him again.

I am considering selling him. It is really annoying because I enjoy stealth clears, and he is a... Stealth... Blocker...

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Making them transparent while in the FOV would fix it.

i find this my favored option, i do like my sentinel but it does tend to get in the way occasionally. if you arent moving it hovers just a bit too close and tends to get into that one spot your trying to aim.
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