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  • Tweaked the positioning of event badges on the Para and Sprite Sentinel Skin.
  • Tweaked the leg armor offsets on the Frost and Frost Prime frames.
  • Increased both Kubrow and Den health.
  • All nearby Dens will now spawn Kubrows if one Den is attacked, pending a maximum limit on the number of already spawned Kubrows.
  • Improved the tintability on the Dragon Nikana.
  • Sound Quake effects will now last forever and will only stop once the ability is no longer in use.


  • Fixed Power Efficiency mods not decreasing the drain rate of toggle-able powers.
  • Fixed multishot mods not allowing for random chance of extra rocket when applied to Angstrum.
  • Fixed an issue with only the left limb armor attachments being previewable in the UI.
  • Fixed a coloration error which could cause armor accessories to appear pitch black.
  • Fixed a number of grammar errors in item descriptions.
  • Fixed a number of localization issues.
  • Fixed a number of crashes.
  • Fixed an issue with Kubrows only spawning from a single Den.
  • Fixed a number of map holes in the Shipyards level.
  • Fixed a visual issue related to Rhino's Channeling effects.
  • Fixed an issue with armor attachments interfering with invisibility type abilities.
  • Fixed an issue with players not being teleported back up after falling into a pit in the Forest Tileset.
  • Fixed a number of map holes in the Shipyards tileset.
  • Fixed an issue with Clients being able to cast abilities while blocking.
  • Fixed an issue with clients not properly tracking melee kills, headshots, or finisher kill stats correctly.
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